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Jiang Feng was tired of this group of hypocrites.

Yu Xiumei said, “All of you can leave first.

The two children havent seen their second uncle for many years.

Theyre very close and have many things to talk about.

You can visit another time.”

At this point, the group of relatives could only leave resentfully.

Only the middle-aged woman who had held Yu Xiumeis hand earlier did not leave.

After the others left, she suddenly fell to her knees with a thud.

“What are you doing” Yu Xiumei was shocked by this.

She hurriedly moved to pull the middle-aged woman to her feet.

“No, no, no,” the middle-aged woman said, determined to remain on her knees.

She shook her head and said, “Little Mei, only your family can save me now.

I really have no other way.”

Jiang Feng looked at his aunt coldly.

At the same time, he was curious about what she was going to say next.

What kind of trick was she going to pull now Unlike Shen Wen who was forced to slap himself, his aunt did not even hesitate to immediately discard her pride.

Yu Xiumeis heart softened.

She sighed and asked, “Whats wrong What happened Lets talk after you get up.

You put us in a difficult position if you insist on acting like this.”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged woman rose to her feet.

Tears streamed down her face as she said, “Without my knowledge, my husband has been gambling! He owed a lot of money.

As such, even my child is suffering.

Ive borrowed as much money as I could, but its still not enough.

I really dont know what to do.” Then, the woman lowered her voice as though she was embarrassed as she continued to say, “I really dont want to do this, but Little Mei, I hope you can lend me some money.”

Before Yu Xiumei could speak, Jiang Feng asked with a half-smile on his face, “How much do you want to borrow”

“F-five… Five million…” the middle-aged woman said hesitantly as her eyes flashed.

Jiang Feng was not surprised.

These people were really asking a lot.

Yu Xiumei was about to agree when she recalled her sons words.

She said, “Weve already spent a lot of money.

We really dont have much money left.”

“Then how much do you have left Is the ten million gone” the middle-aged woman asked skeptically.

She clearly did not believe Yu Xiumei and continued to say, “It doesnt matter.

You can lend me as much as you have.

Ill be very grateful to you.

Please help me.”

Jiang Jianzhong and Yu Xiumei exchanged a look, feeling troubled.

Their son had told them not to lend their relatives money, but they felt for not doing anything when the other party was in such a bad situation.

At this time, Jiang Fengs second uncle quickly said, “They really dont have much money left.

In fact, I just lent them some money.”

“I dont believe it! Its impossible! If you dont lend me money, Ill… Ill…” the middle-aged woman said as she looked around.

Then, she sat on the ground directly before she continued to say, “If you dont lend me money, I wont leave at all!”

Jiang Fengs second uncle said angrily, “Why are you causing trouble here”

The middle-aged woman shook her head.

“What else can I do My family is in trouble! I can only do this.”

Jiang Feng said calmly, “The money is with me.

Lets talk outside.”

“Really Old Jiang, Little Mei, is it true” the middle-aged woman asked in surprise.


We dont know much so we let Little Feng manage the money.”

Yu Xiumei did not understand what Jiang Feng planned to do.

However, when she saw the meaningful gaze that Jiang Feng shot her, she only nodded in agreement.

The middle-aged woman sighed in relief inwardly.

Thinking that she was about to achieve her goal, she could not help but feel smug.

She hastily said, “Alright.

Ill go with you, Ill go with you.”

Jiang Feng led the middle-aged woman to the ground floor of the hospital.

The middle-aged woman looked at Jiang Feng with sparkling eyes as though she was looking at a money tree.

“Little Feng, dont worry.

I will definitely return the money you lend me.”

Jiang Feng smiled as he asked, “When did I say that Ill lend you money”

“Little Feng, what do you mean by this” the middle-aged woman said angrily, “How much did I help you when you were young Are you going to repay kindness in this manner”

“You can continue to help us by leaving us alone.

Dont let me see you again.

Otherwise, I wont let you off,” Jiang Feng said icily.

The middle-aged woman could not help but tremble.

However, she steeled her nerves and said, “Jiang Feng, what do you mean by this You have to lend the money to me today no matter what! Youre too selfish! Whats wrong with sharing if you have the money We treated you so well, but youre so ungrateful!”

“I still have things to do so I wont send you off.

Take care,” Jiang Feng said expressionlessly before he turned to leave.

“Stop right there!” the middle-aged woman cried out, flustered.

She reached out to pull Jiang Feng back.

Jiang Feng moved to the side so the middle-aged womans hand only clutched at the air.

She had moved too quickly so when he dodged, she lost her footing and fell to the ground.

She did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation and began to cry loudly, “Look! Come look at this person! Hes bullying people!”

The middle-aged woman pounded her chest and cried bitterly, “When I was young, I treated him so well.

Now, he treats me so harshly just because I wanted to borrow a little money from him! What is happening to the world! For the sake of money, he treats an old woman like me so ruthlessly! He wouldnt even help me up now that I fell!”

A group of people began to gather, attracted by the commotion.

They whispered among themselves, and some of them even began to film the scene.

Jiang Feng only yawned and continued to walk away.

He did not sleep well recently so he was in need of good sleep.

“Hey! Hey!” Seeing that Jiang Feng was leaving, the middle-aged woman rose to her feet anxiously, intending to chase after him.

However, a huge crowd had gathered, impeding her way.

In the end, she could only watch unwillingly as Jiang Feng vanished from sight.

At this time, Bai Yuan, who was standing at the side, stepped forward to help the middle-aged woman to her feet.

He said, “Sister, this method wont work.

Well wait for them and follow them.

Theyll have to go home at some point, right”

The middle-aged woman instinctively looked behind Bai Yuan.

It was not just Bai Yuan, all the other relatives still had yet to leave.

“Youre right,” the middle-aged woman said confidently.

She dusted her clothes.

With so many people, she did not believe they would not be able to squeeze some money from Jiang Feng and his family.

After Jiang Feng returned to the ward, Little Yu asked anxiously, “Brother, how was it Did you manage to deal with that old woman” Then, she cursed, “How disgusting! She scolded us and mocked us when we didnt have money.

Now shes trying to morally kidnap us!”

“I think that story about her husbands gambling debt is fake.

If its true, then she deserves it! Evil has its retribution.

Little Feng, did you lend her money” Jiang Fengs second uncle was also very angry.

He clutched his chest, unable to vent his anger.


She continued acting unreasonably, but I just left.

I know how to deal with them.” Jiang Feng said he shook his head.

“Thats good.

Lets not talk about them and put ourselves in a bad mood.

Little Feng, you said you didnt lose money and even made money.

How much did you earn” Jiang Fengs second uncle asked curiously.

“100 million,” Jiang Feng said with a slight smile.

“What” Jiang Fengs second uncle widened his eyes in shock.

He asked again, “Little Feng, how much did you say you earn”

Jiang Jianzhong could not stop smiling.

He said, “Second Brother, 100 million! 100 million!”


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