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Liu Xinyao had always been interested in luxury cars.

However, Lin Miaoxue was not.

Luxury cars What luxury cars In her eyes, they were just a means of transportation.

They just looked a little cool and slick.


Besides, her family background had always been good, so she had seen countless luxury cars.

As for the rich second-generation kids who drove luxury cars to flirt with girls, she had seen plenty of them.

Therefore, she had always felt that the kids who drove luxury cars were too pretentious.

It wasnt money they had earned based on their own ability, yet they were still acting so high-profile.

They were simply taking their fathers money, slapping his face, and then asking him to clean up the mess.

Most rich second-generation people only drove such flashy cars to attract girls attention.

They deceived those girls into having sex with them and then ruthlessly abandoned them.

Previously, her family had introduced her to a few second-generation sons of rich people, and as soon as Lin Miaoxue had met them, she had known that they werent good people.


As the saying goes, lust erodes ones bones! The bone marrow of those rich second-generation young masters, who had a flourishing yin and a declining yang, had been scraped clean long ago.

When she met these kinds of people, she decisively rejected them all.

Because of this, she had quarreled with her family several times.

Therefore, Lin Miaoxue did not have a favorable impression of pretentious second-generation rich people.


“Sister Yao, stop looking.

Its most likely some rich second-generation guy whos trying to seduce girls again.” Lin Miaoxue warned Liu Xinyao, who was in high spirits, as she kept pulling her away.

“Come on, were just looking at the car.

Besides, arent all rich men like this

“Is there even a man who doesnt want to hook up with girls” Liu Xinyao retorted as she walked.

A large portion of the successful men in Shanghai were playboys who indulged in women.

Therefore, she didnt have a good impression of these people, just like Lin Miaoxue, but that didnt affect her impression of luxury cars.

Besides, that was the latest limited-edition Pagani supercar, so she had never seen it before!

“Jiang Feng is not such a person.

He is a very simple man.


“He used to be so outstanding in school.

He was always the top student in the entire department.

Didnt he do well” Lin Miaoxue immediately retorted.

Although she admitted that many rich second-generation children were not good people, she could not reject all men.

In her eyes, Jiang Feng was a person with both good grades and a good character.

Back in school, he had been handsome and good at his studies.

She had heard girls talk about Jiang Feng more than once.

At the time, some people had tried to approach him.

Beautiful girls had tried to seduce Jiang Feng, but they had all failed without exception.


If Jiang Feng was addicted to women, given his looks, girls would fight over him.

But Jiang Feng wasnt.

He had his own bottom line and principles.

He wasnt like other guys, who flirted with other girls every day in college.

They all had four partners a year, and within a month of meeting them, they were already spending the night in cheap hotels outside campus.

He knew all about propriety, justice, and integrity and had never done such a thing.

Therefore, she had always had a good impression of Jiang Feng.

Sometimes, she would lie in bed at night and think of him.


“Jiang Feng is indeed simple, but that was before he went out into the world.

Now that he did and encountered so many temptations, how can he still be so calm

“If you gave him a lot of money, who knows what he would be like

“You, you just dont get it.

I really dont know what youre thinking,” Liu Xinyao retorted disapprovingly.

In her opinion, only when he got rich would she be able to see what he was like.

Other people said that a man would turn bad when he got rich.

Anyway, the people and circumstances around him made her believe most of it.

Just as she finished saying this, the way she looked at the crowd suddenly changed.

Upon seeing the familiar figure among the spectators, she felt a little incredulous.

… … … … .


Meanwhile, Jiang Feng had been sitting in the car waiting, looking at the many people around the window and feeling incomparably depressed.

There was a sea of people, and he felt just like a black mass surrounded by water as he looked out at them all.

He thought that Lin Miaoxue wouldnt be able to find him when she came down and he realized how bored he was.

Jiang Feng got out of the car at once.


When he opened the car door, the onlookers moved aside.

They thought that Jiang Feng was going out and they didnt dare block the way of such a noble young man.

The moment Jiang Feng opened the door, they inadvertently glanced at him.

They then saw Liu Xinyao and Lin Miaoxue walking toward them from afar.

Lin Miaoxues attention was not on the luxury car.

She had been looking around, trying to find Jiang Feng, but Liu Xinyao bumped into Jiang Feng and looked at him in surprise.

Jiang Feng got out of the car and closed the door.

He then smiled at Liu Xinyao and nodded.

Liu Xinyao was stunned when she saw him.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me What is happening” Liu Xinyaos heart was filled with doubt.

Was that Jiang Feng who had just gotten out of the drivers seat of a luxury car She was totally flabbergasted!

Her best friend was suddenly motionless, so Lin Miaoxue looked over.

When she glanced at Liu Xinyao, who was staring in front of her with a dumbfounded expression, a trace of doubt appeared on her pretty face.

Then, she followed her gaze and looked forward.

She saw Jiang Feng walking toward her with his head held high and his chest puffed out a few dozen meters in front of him.

Behind him was the extremely cool Pagani supercar.

The gazes of the surrounding onlookers also fell on Jiang Feng, and everyones eyes were filled with incomparable admiration!


Upon seeing this, Lin Miaoxue was also extremely dumbfounded.

The confident smile on Jiang Fengs face made her heart suddenly tighten.

The two of them stood rooted to the ground, watching Jiang Feng walk toward them step by step.

Lin Miaoxue, who was slightly shocked, looked at Jiang Feng, who was just inches away from her, and asked doubtfully, “This car… is yours”


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