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The man pretended to be indifferent as he spoke, but he was very experienced in filming.

He was filming Jiang Fengs entire car, focusing on the luxurious Pagani logo.

His live broadcast had already exploded at that moment.

“Oh my God, his car is awesome! Its this years new Pagani Supercar! There are only 10 of them worldwide!”

“I just checked and our country seems to only have one.

Is he that awesome”

“This thing sells for more than 20,000,000 yuan, but if you dont have any power or influence, you cant even buy it for 50,000,000 yuan!”

“Limited-edition cars are exclusive.

Its a symbol of status thats definitely not measured by money!”

“Its too showy, my brother.

This is really like a knife poking at a cows buttocks.

This experience has really opened my eyes.”

Despite the craziness in the live broadcast room, the man was still calm.

“Its just a car.

Everyone who knows my family knows that our garage is full of cars!

“The Paganis driving is indeed great.

I also like this car very much!”

As he said this, he was already feeling ecstatic in his heart.

In just a few minutes, he had received a reward of more than 1,000 yuan, which was equivalent to the amount he usually received in two or three days.

“Hey, handsome, can you give me a ride”

While he was broadcasting, a girl in a cool outfit walked out of the crowd and took the initiative to ask for a ride.

This made the man even more excited, and he didnt want to leave the car in front of him.

While he was talking about his car, Jiang Feng walked over.

“Get out of the way.

Im going to drive,” Jiang Feng said bluntly as he stood behind him.

He didnt have a good impression of internet celebrities who relied on acting cool to earn money.

“What Thats my car.

Why are you joining in the fun” The man turned around and looked at Jiang Feng.

Not only did he not give in, but he even questioned Jiang Feng.


The scene attracted the attention of the surrounding onlookers, and there now seemed to be spectators everywhere.

“Get out of the way!”

Looking at the calm man, Jiang Feng waved the key in his hand in front of him.

“Brother, I have no reason to give up my car for you.”

“Dont tell me you mistook this car for your car Why dont you keep looking for it”

The man had naturally recognized the key in Jiang Fengs hand, but he still acted calmly and even tried to trick Jiang Feng into leaving.

He wanted to broadcast a little longer so that he could make the most of it!


However, how could this little trick fool Jiang Feng He looked at the man in front of him with a mocking smile.

Then, he pressed the key.

A second later, the two bright headlights turned on, and the car let out a low beast-like roar!

The two doors opened at the same time, shocking everyone present.

The sound of the luxury cars engine and its cool appearance attracted many people, who immediately started to take photos.

The man broadcasting had been slapped in the face by Jiang Fengs actions.

“You need to grow up.

Stop using your family!”


Jiang Feng walked forward and brushed past the man as he spoke casually.

His voice was not loud, but it made the netizens in the mans live broadcast room explode!

“F*CK, F*CK, F*CK! This is the real owner of the car!”

“Oh my God, so the broadcast host was bluffing to swindle us! F*ck you, refund our money!”


“Hes so handsome! I am in love!”

“To be fair, he really is handsome.

Hes both handsome and rich.

My ideal type!”

“Im already heading to the Quantum Building by taxi.

I hope he doesnt leave.

Sob, sob, please let me meet him!”

Not only was the live broadcast room in shock, but the audience was also shocked by Jiang Fengs words.

They had all heard what Jiang Feng had just said and seen him appear.

A big number of people had also taken pictures of Jiang Feng as he got into the car.

“Hurry up and get lost, you f*cking liar!”

“Thats right, you were still showing off even though the car is not yours.

To think that I even added to your prestige! Hurry up and get lost!”

“How can there be such a person in Shanghai This must be the work of a foreigner.

How shameless.”


Many people on the scene also cursed the man angrily.

He had been exposed on the spot by Jiang Feng, and as many people used their phones to record him, his face instantly turned red.

At the speed of light, the man took his coat off and covered his face.

Then, he fled like a rabbit.


After Jiang Feng got in the car, he directly closed the car door.

He got in his seat and placed the lottery ticket on the dashboard.

Then, he waited patiently for Lin Miaoxue.


Outside the car, more and more people were watching him.

Many people didnt know what was going on.

They had just seen many people running over.

But when they saw a luxury car that they had never seen before, they all stopped to take photos.

The people next to them even told the newcomers what had just happened, which made everyone even more curious.

Who was the owner of the car

… … … …

At the same time, Lin Miaoxue finally walked out of her office in the Quantum Building.

She was wearing a white floral dress, her hair was naturally draped over her shoulders, and she was wearing light makeup.

She looked like a beauty appearing on camera without makeup.

The colleagues working for the same company were all stunned when they saw Lin Miaoxues outfit.

They had never seen Lin Miaoxue like this before.

Although her face was cold, the pure sweetness that she exuded was shocking! This was a look that she had never tried before.

Many male colleagues were stunned on the spot, while her female colleagues played with their hair, feeling a little inferior.

Liu Xinyao followed Lin Miaoxue with a smile on her face.

She was very satisfied with the makeup that she had done for Lin Miaoxue today.

This was what a girl should look like! Why was she so cold every day Girls should be gentle and elegant.

“Stop laughing!” Lin Miaoxue said angrily in the elevator when she saw that Liu Xinyao couldnt stop laughing.

“Im laughing because youre beautiful.

Its fine if you dont want me to talk about Jiang Feng, but dont tell me not to laugh.”

Liu Xinyao covered her mouth and answered while laughing.

“You have so many assets!”


As Lin Miaoxue said this, the elevator reached the ground floor of the building.

As soon as they walked out of the building, they saw a group of people gathered by the roadside not far away, taking photos of something.

The people who walked out of the building also hurried to the surrounding area.

“Hey, Brother Liu, whats going on over there Why are there so many people around” Liu Xinyao stood at the entrance of the building and stopped a man who was walking toward the building.

“Sister Yao!

“Theres a Pagani luxury car over there.

Its the latest model of this year.

There are only ten of them in the world, and its the only one in our country!

“Everyone has gone to take a look and take a photo.

Im going to join in the fun! Haha…”

Brother Liu turned around and explained everything to Liu Xinyao.

After saying all that, he smiled and waved his hand before running toward the crowd.

Upon hearing that, Liu Xinyao glanced at the crowd in the distance, her eyes revealing her strong curiosity.

“Lets go take a look.

This kind of car is hard to come by.

If we miss this chance, we wont have the chance to see it again,” Liu Xinyao said, turning around and taking Lin Miaoxues arm.

“Forget it.

Jiang Feng has been waiting for me downstairs for a long time.” Lin Miaoxue frowned and quickly refused.

“Come on, lets go.

Just humor me for once!” When Lin Miaoxue refused, Liu Xinyao immediately activated her coquettish charm.

“Maybe Jiang Feng is there too.

Come on, lets go and have a look.” As Liu Xinyao said this, she pulled Lin Miaoxue toward the crowd.


Lin Miaoxue, who had originally wanted to look for Jiang Feng immediately, could only be dragged along.

What she didnt know was that Jiang Feng was waiting for her in the crowd at that moment!


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