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Su Xiaolu wasnt sure what Su Sanlang would do.

She supposed she wouldnt actually blame him if he chose to return to the clan after the clan had convinced him otherwise.

Her father had already sacrificed too much for this family.

He was a good father.

It was normal to want to be accepted by their ancestors after death.

Su Xiaoling sighed.

“If only I could never grow up.”

If she didnt grow up, she might not have so many worries.

Su Xiaolu hugged her and smiled.

“Sis, I think its good to grow up.

I can protect the people I want to protect.”

Children were helpless.

If shed been this big a few years ago, Su Sanlang wouldnt have been blind.

Therefore, even if she had many worries when she grew up, Su Xiaolu still wanted to grow up.

Su Xiaoling ruffled Su Xiaolus hair.

“Youre right.

Its better to grow up.”

“Actually, no matter what Father does, I wont blame him.

Our father is as good as it gets.”

Su Xiaoling said.

“Thats what I thought too, Sis.”

Su Xiaolu agreed with a smile.

It had not been easy for Su Sanlang to take the step of resistance.

He must have suffered internally for so many years.

The fact that their family could live the way they did proved everything.

Even if he went back to the clan, it didnt matter.

With Su Sanlangs current ability, no one could make things difficult for him again.

However, with Old Master Sus attitude, Su Sanlang would not go back.

He would only be pushed further and further away.

Su Xiaolu was sure that Su Sanlang would not go back to that home.

As for the clan, Su Xiaolu was not sure.

But whatever.

She was all grown up now.

She could help to solve the problems.

A few days later.

A few elders from the clan came to persuade Su Sanlang to return to the clan.

They were willing to let Su Sanlang start another branch in the family tree.

Su Sanlang did not agree.

When Su Sanlang did not agree, Grand Duke Su, Fourth Duke Su, and a few elders still maintained their smiles.

Grand Duke Su said slowly, “Sanlang, I know that youre still unhappy.

This invitation will always be effective.

Return to the clan.

The clan doesnt need you to do anything.

When Chong and Hua become successful in the future, if they need help, they have good seedlings in their own clan.

Theyre more reliable than outsiders.

Theres no hurry.

Take your time to consider.”


They had come here as a gesture of goodwill, and Su Sanlangs disapproval was to be expected.

It wasnt easy to heal scars.

This had been building up for too long.

Su Sanlang was a generous person.

It could be seen from the fact that he had not taken revenge on his clansmen in the past few years.

Su Sanlang looked calm and said nothing.

“Well, weve said what we have to say, so well go back now.”

The old men got up and left.

Su Sanlang did not try to make them stay.

That night, Su Sanlang gathered the whole family together.

Zhou Heng knew that Su Sanlang must have something to say.

After all, he was not Su Sanlangs son, so he found an excuse to go next door to find Gui You.

The family sat in a circle.

Su Sanlang looked at the four children.

His expression was gentle, and he smiled slightly before saying, “I called you guys today to say something.

Youve all grown up, so I wont hide this from you.”

Madam Zhao smiled gently and looked at the four children.

Su Chong and Su Hua were handsome and outstanding.

Their two daughters were also obedient and beautiful.

She felt very happy.

Su Chong and Su Hua looked serious.

“Go ahead, Father.

Were all listening.”

Su Chong said.

Su Sanlang slowly said, “Today, some people from the clan came to let our family return to the clan.

In the family tree, we can have another lineage.

Father wants to ask for your opinion.”

“Fathers opinion is that we wont go back.

The family clan is very important, and Father knows that.

However, there are some things that we cant go back to.

I think that we will be our own family in the future.

When you grow up, you will each have your own family and descendants.

Our family clan will also grow stronger day by day.

As for the other side, I wont take revenge on them, nor will I treat them well.

We will just walk along like ordinary people.”

Su Sanlang thought about it a million times, but in the end, he couldnt convince himself to return to the clan.

Because some things could not be returned.

If there were people who owed favors to his family, he would return them.

If there were no favors, he would not treat them differently.

As for being a wandering ghost, he had gotten over it.

No matter what, it was enough to have Madam Zhao by his side.

After Su Sanlang finished speaking, Madam Zhao also said gently, “Your fathers intentions are my intentions.

I will always be with your father.”

Shed worried about him every time something happened in the past few years, but hed never let her down, so she had no regrets in life.

After hearing this, Su Chong smiled and said, “Father, I agree with you.

Our family will be our own clan in the future.

Father, set up ancestral teachings and family rules.”

Su Hua also smiled and said, “I think so too.

The family in my heart is united.

The family in my heart helps one another in times of difficulties, but I cant feel it over there, so I dont want to go back there.

Our family is very good.

Father is gentle and magnanimous, and Mother is good at managing the family.

I just need to learn from Father and Mother.”

Su Chong nodded in agreement.

“Hua is right.

Its enough to learn from father and mother.

If we continue like this, our family clan will definitely grow stronger in the future.”

There was no need to return to the clan.

Su Chong and Su Hua were very happy.

Su Xiaoling said with a smile, “Ill listen to Father and Mother.”

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao both looked at Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu wanted to remain silent, but she had to speak too.

What should she say Su Xiaolu looked at Su Chong and Su Hua.

Finally, she looked at Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao and said with a smile, “I support Second Brother.

Our family has to set up ancestral teachings and family rules.

In the future, all the men in our family have to be like Father.

They have to be polite and loyal to their wives.

They have to respect, love, and support each other.

As long as a family is united, we can live well no matter what.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Su Chong.

Su Chong and Su Hua blushed.

They were hot-blooded youths.

In their free time, many students would also talk about marriage and fantasize about what kind of wife they would marry in the future.

They agreed with this ancestral rule.

Husbands and wives should be like their parents.

They should care for each other and suffer together.

“Father, set up the ancestral rules.

This way, Eldest Brother and Second Brother can pass it down in the future.”

Su Xiaolu suggested seriously.

Her eldest brother and second brother would definitely not be bad in the future, so it was very important for them to be devoted to their wives.

It was good to marry a woman they liked and treat her wholeheartedly.

If they married more, there would be more contradictions.

If they fought for favor, there would only be fewer children.

However, it would be different if they were devoted to one person.

Under normal circumstances, there would be more children and more blessings.

Su Sanlang held Madam Zhaos hand with affection in his eyes.

He looked at the four children and nodded.

“Alright, then.

Ill think about it carefully and set family rules for our family and pass them down in the future.”


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