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Thus, the first wheelchair in the world was created.

A long time in the future, this chair would be placed in the Lin Clans History Museum.

This chair was a big milestone in Lin Yuelans legendary life.

Lin Yuelan pushed her wheelchair to the village chiefs house.

This time, Doctor Zhang and Xiao Tong came as well.

After Lin Yiwei invited them in, he immediately realized that Lin Yuelan was pushing a chair in.

He stepped forward in surprise and found that the chair was like a horse carriage with two wheels.

Lin Yiwei immediately asked in surprise, “LanEr, what is this”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Grandpa Village chief, this is a wheelchair that I made for uncle Mingqing.

In the future, he can sit on this chair to move around.

Others can push the wheels, or he can push the wheels himself.”

The village chief was surprised.

He asked in disbelief, “LanEr, is that true”

Lin Yuelan chuckled and said, “Grandpa village chief, if you dont believe me, you can try sitting on this.”

Lin Yiwei sat down doubtfully.

At first, it was Lin Yuelan who pushed him in the wheelchair around the courtyard.

After a few rounds, it was Lin Yiwei pushed the wheels himself.

“Good, thats great!” Lin Yiwei stood up and agreed.

Then, he pushed his wheelchair towards Lin Mingqings room impatiently.

“Ill push QingEr out for a spin.”

Doctor Zhang looked at Lin Yiwei.

He stroked his beard and said with a happy and relieved expression, “QingEr hasnt left his room for three years.

With this wheelchair, he can now do that.”

Lin Yuelan said, “yeah.” When Lin Mingqing could do that, everything would change.

Three days later.

“Aiya, have you guys heard” By the stream, a group of women washing clothes was all talking about the same thing.

“Yeah, I heard it too.

When I came out, I saw Lin Mingqing in his wheelchair, reading under the shade of the tree.”

“For the past few days, Lin Mingqing would push that wheelchair around the village in the morning and evening.

When he saw us, he would even greet us with a gentle smile.”

“Thats right.

He has the elegant temperament of a rich young master.

He hasnt changed at all from three years ago.

In fact, hes even better.

Look at his ruddy skin and his gentle and sharp eyes.

I cant describe it.

In short, its good to see him again.”

“Dont you think its strange Ever since Lin Mingqings accident three years ago, he hasnt stepped out of his house.

Other than the stream of doctors that entered the village chiefs house, we would have assumed that Lin Mingqing was dead.

But now, were seeing him basically every day.”

“Whats so strange about that” Someone explained, “maybe what happened three years ago was too big a blow for him, so he didnt want to appear in front of everyone.

But now, he has thought it through!”

“No, that shouldnt be the case,” someone who knew some inside information said.

“I heard that Lin Mingqing might be able to stand up again soon.”

“What Are you telling the truth” someone asked suspiciously.

“Of course, Im telling the truth.

Lin Mingliangs wife told me that herself.” This person was close to Lin Mingliangs wife.

“Then, it must be true.”

“Hey, do you think that Lin Mingqings legs were cured by that… That girl” They were still afraid of Lin Yuelan.

“It should be.

Didnt that girl promise in front of everyone that she would cure Mingqing some time ago Plus, we have been seeing the girl carrying a medicine box and going to the village chiefs house.

Shes probably there to treat Mingqing.”

“Doctor Zhang is with her too.

Doctor Zhangs medical skills are good, and everyone knows that.”

“Dont you think this is too strange” A chubby woman looked at the people around her and said in a mysterious and scared tone, “The jinx changed into a different person overnight.

She has godly power and the ability to communicate with animals.

Now, she suddenly knows medicine.

I also heard that the chair that Lin Mingqing is sitting on was made by her.

Dont you think thats too scary” Most importantly, that girl had said that she had little ghosts protecting her.

It was a very scary thing to know there were ghosts wandering around the village.

Many people didnt dare to sleep at night or walk alone during the day.

They were afraid that a ghost would suddenly stand in front of them.

Someone immediately sneered and said sarcastically, “Changgens wife, if youre afraid, why dont you leave the village What are you still staying in the Lin family Village for Are you waiting to be scared to death”

When Changgens wife heard this, she immediately flew into a rage, “Liu Changxiu, its none of your business whether I stay in the Lin family Village or not! Plus, why arent you leaving too Arent you afraid” However, if she could leave the Lin family Village immediately, she would be more than willing to do so.

But they were poor.

Where could they go if they left the Lin family Village Even if they left the Lin family Village, they wouldnt be able to do anything without money or food.

Therefore, instead of starving to death outside, it was better to stay in the village.

At the very least, the whole family would not starve to death.

“As the saying goes, if you dont do anything wrong, you wont be afraid of ghosts.” Liu Changxiu retorted sharply, “I didnt do anything to harm the girl.

Why should I be afraid”

“Are you sure”

“Of course!”

The two women got into a fight.

It was meaningless, but the quarrel was closely related to Lin Yuelan.

“Alright, shut up.” The oldest woman there stopped them with a stern voice.

She said, “Were here to wash clothes.

If you want to argue, go somewhere else.

Dont disturb the peace of others!”

As soon as the older woman finished speaking, the two women shut up.

However, even though they had stopped quarreling, the topic did not seem to stop.

“Although the girl now has a lot of abilities, she hasnt really harmed anyone.

Why are you so against her”

“Hehe, have you forgotten why Lin Mingqing met with an accident three years ago”

“You cant blame her for this,” someone argued.

“Besides, hasnt she treated Lin Mingqing That is her atonement.”

“Actually, Ive heard something.

Theres another story behind Lin Mingqings accident three years ago.” The woman looked around as she spoke.

“Theres an inside story to his accident!” In an instant, everyone stopped washing their clothes and looked at the person who spoke.

Someone asked anxiously, “tell me, whats the inside story”

Now that Lin Laosans family was isolated from the rest of the village, not many people were afraid of them.

“I heard that Lin Mingqings accident three years ago was not an accident.

Someone tried to harm him, and the culprit was from Lin Laosans family.”

“Is that true”

This revelation was too shocking and unexpected.


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