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The client didn’t have much to eat at home, so Meng Changjin could only make stir-fried bacon with garlic sprouts and a braised potato.


The client’s mother-in-law returned as soon as it was cooked and served on the table.


The client’s mother-in-law was a widow in her early years and was now a widowed old woman.


The loss of her husband at an early age made her put all her heart and soul into her son and nurtured Hao Jianye’s egotistical personality.


Such a character, Hao Jianye, was meek and civil in public.

Still, a tyrant at home was a dreg in society.

He was a drunkard and a gambler who kept losing money and beat his wife, mother, and children at home.


On her way home, the old lady smelled the aroma of fried bacon with garlic sprouts from a distance.

She wondered who made the bacon, but as soon as she entered the house, she found a plate on the dining table.


Old Lady:……!


The old lady almost fell down.


With the amount of bacon on the plate, that small piece of bacon in the house must have been all down the pan.


This was what she wanted to keep for Mid-Autumn Festival!


But what could she do now that it was fried and couldn’t be eaten in the Mid-Autumn Festival more than a month later That would have already gone bad.


“Wash your hands and eat.” Meng Changjin glanced at the old lady and turned to ask the two little girls to eat.


The two little girls were timid, and when they heard Meng Changjin’s call, they went to wash their hands obediently.

The little ones did not have the carefree look of being young, and their faces were tensed.


After they all sat at the dinner table, the old lady found her son was not there.

It was not surprising because Hao Jianye was often away from home.


The old lady may not know that her precious son was now tied up and thrown to the floor of the room.


“Jianye is not at home.

Save him some meat.” The old lady’s first action when she sat down was not to eat but to take a separate clean bowl and leave good food for her precious son.


Meng Changjin glanced at the old lady and didn’t stop her because it was useless; Hao Jianye couldn’t eat it.


Meng Changjin didn’t have any bad feelings for this old lady, but she definitely couldn’t talk about good feelings.

Anyway, after teaching Hao Jianye enough lessons, she would have to complete the long-cherished wish of the client and divorce him.

Then she would have nothing to do with this old lady.


When the old lady left food for Hao Jianye, Meng Changjin had already started to eat.


She was hungry now and urgently needed to replenish her energy.

She ate two bites and gave two little girls a slice of large meat.


The old lady gave Zheng Xiumei a disapproving look, wishing she could bring back the meat from the bowls of her two granddaughters.


What was the point of eating so well for two little girls who would be members of other families in the future


Meng Changjin ignored the old lady’s gaze, took care of herself, and asked the two little girls to eat quickly.


The two little girls looked at the meat in the bowl, then at Meng Changjin, bowed their heads, and showed a small smile.


Five or six years old should be the age of remembering food and not remembering beating.

No matter how badly they were treated by their previous mothers, the current mother treated them well anyway.


The two little girls ate with their mouths full of oil, and their faces were not so tense, making them look even more adorable.


Meng Changjin gave the two sisters some meat again.

She had no resistance to cute people and things.


Meng Changjin spent the meal admiring the cute little girls.

The two little girls ate to their heart’s content, but the old lady always felt bad for the meat they ate.

After the meal, Meng Changjin fetched water for the two little girls to wash their faces.


Because Meng Changjin gave them meat when they were eating, the two little girls obediently let her wash their faces.

The six-year-old girl was always called Da Niu, and she was nice enough to say that she could wash her face, but Meng Changjin did not listen to her suggestion and quickly washed the two little girls.


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