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Chapter 703, Soul Harmony



Those were the sounds of dragon souls clashing, though they weren’t that intense, just a one-sided beating.


Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King was fatally wounded, leaving it at a severe disadvantage.

The attacks of the scarlet dragon were shrugged off before.

The other dragons couldn’t do much against it, even the most brutal purple dragon couldn’t break its golden flame defense.  


To sum it up, no matter which of these four dragon souls attacked, none could threaten the golden dragon.


However, after the purple dragon’s sneak attack, it left a huge opening in its defenses.

To the point, the scarlet dragon’s attacks passed through and could deal some damage.


The four dragon souls thus kept switching, the azure and demonic ones, for defense against the golden flames to put him in a position where any attack was useless.


So when he stopped attacking, the scarlet dragon joined the fray, slamming into its wound.

If he wanted to fight back again, the azure and black dragons would only be waiting for him. 


The strong azure flame could completely contain the brutality of the golden flames.

Even if he went all out, it would only give the azure dragon a slight wound, then it would turn into the purple dragon, and send those savage purple lightning strikes when it was most vulnerable. 


This way, the golden dragon was stuck in a passive position.

It was like how a big guy was having his arms and legs tied up and letting a bunch of brats try to beat him.

Oh, but one of them was carrying a blade.


He’d shiver every time he watched the blade approach, dodging as much as possible but never attacking since there was a risk the blade would take his life. 


The purple lightning was the weakest of Zhuo Fan’s powers, making the purple dragon the weakest of his four dragons.

But the threat remained regardless. 


To the point that the golden dragon feared another sneak attack and did not fight back.

This way, he could only let Zhuo Fan’s four dragon souls rain claws and fangs on it as it was beaten repeatedly.


The audience was gaping at the sudden turn of events. 


[How come the mighty golden dragon tuned up to be like a scaredy-cat]


The people were excited, feeling life was a play because of how the positions could change so fast.


The girls were even more shocked, buzzing about and pointing, “Sister Qingcheng, what just happened I don’t get it.

How did he get the upper hand “




Chu Qingcheng needed a few times to recover.

She shook her head and gave a bright smile, “I always thought I understood him, but I was wrong.

I never thought that he’d win by using his weakness.” 


Shui Ruohua’s brow shook as she looked at Zhuo Fan in shock, “A true and capable man.

Who would dare to even consider looking for victory among its faults”


“Humph, for Ye Lin to be defeated when he was at the top of his game, he must be a moron!” Xuan Shaoyu spat in hatred.


Sword God Sect saw the big turn around and looked on in shock.

Wen Tao held his head, “Tianshang, your brother has opened my eyes.

I always thought it was strength that made him a freak, but now I see what it means to be ever victorious.

It’s all about the mind.

This is not a win gained through power since those four dragon souls couldn’t beat the golden dragon.

Yet look at the golden dragon now, being beaten black and blue.

Heavens, just how did he come up with such a strategy”


“Ha-ha-ha, what’s so hard to believe Haven’t I been saying that he comes from a lowly third-rate clan all this time Yet, in just ten years, he got it to rule the empire.

It’s not just guts alone.

He’s been in constant danger as he schemed with the other sides.

One wrong move, and it would be the end.

He had dealt with many old foxes on his way too.”


Xie Tianshang smiled, “Senior brother, you should know how cruel the vie for power in a kingdom is.

It’s not as simple as the competitions between sects.

He also got the three greatest minds under him as well.

This proves his mind is unlike anyone else’s.

Ye Lin might be an amazing genius that is stronger than him, but when it comes to schemes, no sect’s young master can defend against him.”


Wen Tao eyed him and then turned to look at Zhuo Fan, “This was a big ploy all along.

However, regardless of what it is, people would always lean on what they are best good at.

I just can’t believe he didn’t scheme to win in melee and waited for when their souls were out.

Such courage earned my respect.

Who could have such confidence in him”


“The lone breach!”


Three voices echoed out.

Two were the exalted, and the other was Danqing Shen.


Their voices carried praises.


Danqing Shen held his beard and was ready to go, “The lone breach is a dangerous tactic.

On a battlefield where the defensive position has its strongest defense, it caused them to neglect it, leaving fewer troops.

It’s always assumed the enemy would attack the weakest points in defense, so that’s where the main force was placed.

But experienced generals always do the opposite.

Concentrating all their forces on the lone point of the defenses, winning in a single blow and catching the opponent off guard.

By the time he reacted, the battle was over.


“This requires courage and wisdom.

Failure means disaster.

Zhuo Fan did the same with Ye Lin.

He stroked his ego for the soul battle and caught everyone by surprise when he went for the win.

Ha-ha-ha, the brat is truly bold and cunning.

The winner is settled, and now I can do what I came here to do.”


Danqing Shen was carefree, as if he had been fighting, and left.

However, a roar came from behind that caught everyone’s attention.


“Zhuo Fan, one of us will stand on the other’s shoulder to reach the peak, but that won’t be you!” Ye Lin roared and spewed blood as he did.

His eyes were filled with fighting spirit, unwilling to give up yet.


Zhuo Fan totally got him.


The two were more or less sacred beast inheritors, so it stood to reason that it had some influence in their fight.

In Ye Lin’s case, the influence was greater as the dragon ancestor’s disciple.


Losing this battle means being in the other’s allegiance.

This was the way of the beast.

It will leave a huge scar in one’s mind that he did not want to have.


Zhuo Fan was the same.

He didn’t want his mind to become burdened and stay in Ye Lin’s shadow.

It would severely impede his pursuit of Dao.


So the two had entered a stalemate.


Grinning evilly, Zhuo Fan made a sign, and the four dragon souls constantly shifted, speeding up the beating of the golden dragon.

He wanted to get it over with fast.

Yet he was stalling with his speech as he taunted, “Humph, the winner is settled.

Give up! If dragon ancestor knew you lost to me, an inheritor of three sacred beasts, he’d understand it too.

Not even he can fight three alone!”


“Bull**, sacred beasts are arrogant.

Master won’t bat an eye even if he were to fight four by himself!” Ye Lin roared.


Zhuo Fan grinned, “A wise man submits to circumstances.

In a sacred beast battle of four versus one, defeat is obvious.

Your master must be a fool if he fought in those circumstances.”


“Your master’s the fool…” Ye Lin cursed back.


At this time, Zhuo Fan’s Almighty Scarlet Dragon King once again whipped its tail right on the golden dragon’s wound and made it shudder.


Ye Lin spat blood again and could hardly keep going.


Zhuo Fan snickered and kept making signs while taunting.

Just then, Wu Qingqiu noticed something and shouted, “Junior brother, don’t let him get to you.

If you have a way to strike, now’s the time.

He’s stalling! Do it now before it’s too late!”


[I’ve been duped again!]


Startled, Ye Lin glared at Zhuo Fan and spat, “Zhuo Fan, you wretched scumbag, you dare play me again Are you even a sacred beast inheritor”


“I already told you, we’re humans.

In war, there’s also deception.

Haven’t your elders ever told you before setting out that you need to use both your fists and your brain in a brawl” Zhuo Fan raised a taunting eyebrow.


Ye Lin was furious and about to curse, but Wu Qingqiu’s warning woke him up again.


Gnashing his teeth, Ye Lin stomped and flew a hundred meters back.

He had the golden dragon flick its tail and get away as well.


Ye Lin’s face twitched as he stared at Zhuo Fan in rage, “Let me show you how a real sacred beast disciple fights.

Strength is everything! I fear none of your petty tricks! “


Ye Lin made a sign and shouted, “Soul origin, golden dragon transformation, Soul Harmony!”


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