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1748 Comfort

Then, Tuan Zi jumped up lightly onto the transportation formation.

Nan Suhuai lightly nodded.

“Be careful about everything.”

Then, he circulated the force in his palm.

Instantly, a bright light shone!

The transportation formation gradually spun.

Very quickly, Tuan Zis figure was about to be swallowed by that light and completely disappeared!

The crowd was still waiting at the square in front of the holy hall.

Many days passed, and most of the people who went in were eliminated.

Five people still remained inside.

Miao Yang looked calm and did not speak.

The surrounding atmosphere was somewhat tense—it was silent.

Everyone was quiet as if they were terrified that they would disturb something.

Actually, there was a reason for this.

None of these eliminated people had received a twist of fate in the holy hall!

This had never happened in the previous Thousand Summits.

Even though most of the people eliminated early on didnt receive anything, sometimes, those who were luckier would have their own findings.

Even if their heirlooms werent the best, it was still a good thing after all.

But this time… Those people in front came back empty-handed!

Hence, even though Miao Yang didnt have much change in expression and was still as calm as usual, the crowd still became nervous unwittingly.

In such a situation, unless the last five people could obtain decent heirlooms or at least one of them could gain a top heirloom, the crowd would be uneasy.

Some people kept secretly glancing at Miao Yang from time to time, wanting to see something from his face.

It was a pity that Miao Yangs thoughts were deeply hidden, and nobody could guess them.

Suddenly, Miao Yangs brows moved slightly, and he turned around to look.

This extremely simple movement immediately caused quite a few people in the surroundings to be nervous.

“Clan Leader, whats the matter” an elder bowed and asked.

Miao Yang stared at the empty, distant air for some time before asking, “During this period of time, has there been anything weird happening outside Godly Dragon Island”

Just now, he faintly felt that the external barrier seemed to have some ripples.

However, this movement quickly disappeared as if it were his illusion.

That elder was dazed and hurriedly answered, “Clan Leader, everything is normal.

Ever since you instructed us to guard it more strictly, the clan has deployed more manpower to guard the barrier.

We wont let anyone casually enter or leave.”

Miao Yang nodded.

Even if I didnt say it, the elders in the clan will also be especially alert about this.

But… What was with the previous ripples Could it really just be my imagination

Miao Yang thought for a moment and swiftly stood up.

“Ill personally take a look.”

The surrounding crowd was taken aback.

The Thousand Summit is still ongoing! How could the Clan Leader leave at this point

What they didnt know was that Miao Yangs patience had basically been shaved.

He had been the clan leader for so many years and experienced the Thousand Summit many times.

His experience in this area could be considered sufficient, so he knew that even if the remaining five people received heirlooms, it would be hard to compare them to the doll in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

However, he couldnt say such words in public.

Miao Yang raised his leg and walked to the side.

The people behind exchanged glances.

He was the clan leader, so who dared to stop him Besides, he was going to check on the Godly Dragon Islands defenses.

They had no reason to stop him in regards to this.

The few elders exchanged glances, and one of them followed him.

Anyway, it is just to take a look, and it wont waste too much time or energy—


The doors of the holy hall flung open once again!

A figure came out from inside.

Different from the people who were flung out disheveled, this young man was very calm when he came out.

He moved his leg, and his body turned in midair before he landed stably.

His body was stained with blood, but it basically didnt harm the strong aura around him.

The more important thing was that the great phoenix dragon totem between his eyebrows was sparkling faintly!

This was the sign of receiving an heirloom, and judging from his reaction, it was quite a decent one!

The square—which had been silent for a long time—finally became lively because of this young mans appearance.

Miao Yang saw this scene and revealed a smile.

After a slight hesitation, he dispelled the decision to personally check on the barrier.

This is the first descendent that came out after receiving an heirloom.

How can the clan leader not be around

“Go and take a look at it.

You must guard every single area of Godly Dragon Island properly,” said Miao Yang softly.

The elder at the side hurriedly acknowledged it.


Miao Yang nodded and walked toward that young man.

At this point, an admiring and satisfied smile appeared on his face.

“You did well.”

That young man couldnt conceal his excitement as well.

Even if his heirloom wasnt considered elite, it was already not bad! “Thank you, Clan Leader!”

Miao Yang nodded and asked a few more sentences, which the young man respectfully answered one by one.

Miao Yang then sat back down on his chair and started waiting for the remaining four people.

The slight ripples were quickly put aside.

Seven Lotus Peak.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu were still playing chess.

Of course, this was already a new round.

On the chessboard, the duo went at each others throats mercilessly, and Chu Liuyue faintly had the upper hand.

She stared at the chessboard and did not move for some time.

Rong Xiu wasnt anxious either, and he just watched quietly.

Finally, Chu Liuyue put her hand down and shook her head.

“Im not playing anymore.”

After repeated checks, she could confirm that her skills in this aspect were indeed much stronger than before.

When she played chess with Rong Xiu in the past, she always lost more and won less.

Every time, she also had to use a large amount of brain power and energy.

But now, this feeling had been reduced by quite a bit.

After looking at the thousands of fake music scores, her talent as a Xuan Master had shockingly increased!

One had to know that talent existed when one was born and basically couldnt be changed.

Warriors could perhaps use some special methods to strengthen the grade of their Yuan meridians, but Xuan Masters and heavenly doctors really had no way.

But now, Chu Liuyue believed that her talent in this aspect had indeed changed!

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly, and his eyes had a hint of flirtatious aura.

He lazily and directly said, “Comfort.”

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