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At this moment, Jordan looked a little tragic.

Did he really not want to save Victoria

Did he not want to change Victorias fate

However, between the country and Victoria, he could only choose the former.

Shaun felt a deep respect for Jordan.

“Youre really our countrys pillar.

Youre the savior of everyone in the capital! Unfortunately, no one will know what you did for the capital and the US today!”

Jordan would do this quietly and not let Lionel or anyone else leak this matter.

After he accomplished this task, no one in the US would know that Jordan had saved the lives of thousands of people.

Jordan said, “I dont need to be given any certificate of honor, nor do I need to be given any status.

I dont need peoples gratitude.

They dont need to know what I did.

Its enough that I know.”

Many people contributed to the country and couldnt wait for everyone to know about it.

They wanted the media to report it and the people to be grateful.

However, Jordan was just doing what he needed to do.

He was not interested in those empty titles and awards.

Shaun admired Jordan even more now.

“I am a citizen of the US, I was born and raised here.

But compared to you, Im inferior.

Im far inferior to you! Jordan, dont worry.

Ill watch over Victoria for you.

Ill try to think of a way to stop Victoria and that boy.”

As Jordan patted Shauns shoulder, he said, “Thank you, Shaun.

Although we have our past grudges, youre now my most trusted partner! Thank you for helping me and Victoria!”

Jordan thanked Shaun sincerely.

At this moment, the only person he could rely on was Shaun.

He didnt want to use threats to get Shaun to help him.

That would be disrespectful to their friendship.

Moreover, Jordan was in the past now so he couldnt use the “golden headband curse” on Shaun.

Shaun smiled.

“Ive always treated you as my good brother! Hahaha, theres no need to thank me! Its only right that I help you and take care of my beautiful sister-in-law! Dont worry, you have me.

I wont let my brothers wife be bullied! By the way, how are you planning to go to China”

With Jordans current status as a time-traveler, it was not suitable for him to travel by plane.

Moreover, it would take more than 10 hours by ordinary commercial flight.

And they had no idea what the flight schedule was.

Rong Bingshao had only given Jordan 10 hours.

It was not enough.

Jordan said, “Im planning to fly to Japan first and steal one of the Miyamoto familys private planes.

I know the terrain there better.

It will be easier for me to steal their planes.”

Shaun couldnt help laughing.

“If Miyamoto Masaki hears this, he will go mad with anger! Go on, we have our missions to accomplish!”

Shaun got out of the car and let Jordan drive off.

Before leaving, Shaun did not forget to praise Jordan again.

“Jordan, youre Americas hero! Youre peerless.

Everyone is left in your dust!”

Jordan rolled down the car window and nodded gratefully.

“We havent succeeded yet.

Buddy, we still have a lot of work to do!”

With that, he stepped on the accelerator and quickly drove out of the parking lot.

After Jordan left, Shauns smiling and fawning expression immediately turned into a gloomy and terrifying one.

Shaun clenched his fists unhappily.

“Today, you are a murderer and a hero.

Jordan, both good and bad deeds, youve done them all!”

Once they parted ways, Jordan quickly went to Japan and secretly stole one of Miyamoto Masakis private planes.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Clara had Victoria under control.

Soon, someone was killed in a car accident in the capital, and the same situation played out like clockwork.

By 7 PM, Jordan had already arrived in Suzhou, where the Geng familys secret base was.

He used the Invisibility Cloak to quietly sneak in.

In addition, when they were in the underground fort previously, Geng Anli had told Jordan where the detonation buttons were.

Jordan knew where the detonation buttons for the paper bombs were.

This place was not as impenetrable as Jordan imagined.

He thought that he would need fingerprint access or facial recognition to enter, and had been worried about what to do then.

But miraculously, the doors were all opened the entire way.

When he walked in, he found Geng Anli inside.

She was alone inside and was sitting on a chair beside a control panel.

Jordan quietly walked over and called out, “Ms.


However, the other party did not react.

Jordan reached out and waved his hand in front of her eyes.

He realized that she was unconscious as if she had been drugged.

“Rong Bingshao actually has the ability to infiltrate the Geng Anli family and knock out Geng Anli”

The last time Jordan fought Rong Bingshao, he easily defeated him and thought that the kid was just an average boy.

Jordan guessed that Rong Bingshao must have used some high-level weapon from the Rong family.

Given his ordinary abilities, he couldnt possibly have done this on his own.

“Rong Bingshao has left Where did he go Did he travel back to the present This b*stard.

Damn it.

He came back in time just to mess with me and play this prank”

Jordan looked around and did not see Rong Bingshao.

He knew that Rong Bingshao had been beaten up by him once and did not dare to fight him one-on-one again.

Rong Bingshao only did this because he wanted Jordan to fail at saving Victoria.


At this moment, Jordan heard the sound of a chair moving.

It was the chair that Geng Anli was sitting on.

It shifted forward a few centimeters.

Geng Anli was unconscious, so how was the chair moving

Jordan crouched down and realized that there was a blue object on the chair.

It must be this device that was pushing the chair forward.

Jordan looked at the ground behind the chair.

There were friction marks caused by the chair moving forward.

“I understand.

Its a device that pushes the chair forward at a regular pace.

Rong Bingshao set the timer and left.

If I didnt come, then at the appointed time, the chair will be automatically pushed to the control panel and Geng Anli would inadvertently detonate the paper bombs.

That b*stard, Rong Bingshao, he wasnt joking.

If I didnt come, thousands of people in the capital would have died!”

Jordan quickly pulled Geng Anli back and removed the blue device.

Looking at the paper distribution map in front of him, especially in the US, Jordan was worried for the American people.

These paper bombs were ticking time bombs!

“I have to think of a way to break the connection between this detonation panel and the paper bombs in the US.”

Jordan looked at the time.

It was already 7 PM in the capital.

“In another three hours, Clara will control Victoria to go to the bar for a drink.

Its impossible for me to rush back in time.

Shaun, Im counting on you to save my Victoria!”


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