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Janelle Black aged 28,works as a Surrogate at Maureen and Smith agency;a company that deals with couples that are unable to have children by supplying them with a surrogate mother or a sperm donor. Janelle had a son once but he died 4 years ago and from there on Janelle decided to not get attached to anyone and for 4 years of her being a surrogate mother she never got attached to any of the babies.

she lives alone in a Six roomed house( a kitchen, living area,a bathroom and three bedrooms; one being the master bedroom), drives a black C-class and she has no friends or family because of her past, her dark painful past which she never ever wants to revisit. Shes always been like an island, alone in isolation from the others so being from isolated from people has always been her pitch. Janelle had a degree in business management but shes never been a lucky goose when it comes to finding work in that field. Janelle ran away from her home because of how her family was Biased when it came to her and her evil twin sister, she left everything behind even her fiance not all because she wanted to but because she had to. She changed her name and cut her hair and added red stripes on it to look totally different she groomed herself and taught herself that love and family makes you weak, she volunteers at an old age home to keep her Mind busy enough not to think about her past, she also helps at a puppy adoption centre because she wants to lead her life and move on but Who the heck said moving on was easy?. Janelle hoped to never see him again because seeing him will make her weak. Her sin was to be born with a twin sister whom was loved even more than her .

Janelle had long black hair with a touch of red ,small waist,small eyes,big booty and lips and brown eyes .

shes carrying a load and she, she is Janelle Black

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