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Oh my god!

Gao Ruomins legs went weak, and she almost fell.

This is too unbelievable! Impossible, impossible!

Why was this happening Didnt Gu Yuanchuan go bankrupt Where did they get the money to open such a luxurious jade shop!

At this moment, her heart seemed to be tightly gripped by something, and she revealed a jealous gaze.

Humph! If it wasnt for Liu Min, she would be Gu Yuanchuans wife today!

She wouldnt have fallen to the point where she stood while others sat.

She wasnt willing to accept this!

Meanwhile, Wei Hong and her husband, Wang Yue, looked at each other.

They looked at each other with a meaningful gaze.

Wei Hong had always had a natural sense of superiority when facing her classmates.

However, this sense of superiority vanished completely in front of Liu Min.

Liu Min just sat there with a smile.

Her calm and composed appearance had already surpassed Wei Hong.

Sure enough, a woman had to marry the right man.

For a moment, Wei Hong even felt that her husband, whom she had been proud of for many years, was inferior.

“Alright, lets not talk too much.

I think everyone has been waiting anxiously.

Paradise has prepared three pieces of top-grade jade for todays auction.

We will dissect some raw stones later, so lets begin now.

Lets bring out our three top-grade jades!”

Wei Hong and Gao Ruomins minds were in a mess and were greatly agitated.

They did not hear what Ding Hao had said earlier.

They only knew that they had to get down to business.

Ding Hao gave a command immediately.

Then, someone carefully brought out the three jades which were ready for auction.

The three jades were placed in transparent glass display cabinets.

The materials and security of the display cabinets were really great.

One could tell that the jades inside were very valuable.

Ding Hao introduced passionately, “The first jade is the three-colored jade.

As the name implies, the three-colored jade is made up of three different colored jades.

The surface is transparent, and the color is bright.

Its definitely a top-quality jade!”

They brought up a three-colored jade first.

The bright and colorful jade attracted everyones attention when it was brought up to the stage.

The reporters kept taking pictures.

Such a three-colored jade was extremely rare in City Y, so people were naturally more curious about the rare jade.

“This is a three-colored jade! What an eye-opener.

The appearance, color, and especially the distribution and proportion of the colors are quite balanced.”


Its really beautiful! I heard that City Y has a three-colored jade, but its a pity that I didnt have the chance to see it.

I didnt expect to see a three-colored jade here today!”

“You must be ignorant.

Did you know that the three-colored jade was released in City Y earlier.

Apparently that one was released by Paradises boss, the young lady called Gu Qingchen!”

“Really Then is this the one that she dissected”

“No, Ive seen the earlier one before.

Although its a three-colored jade, its color is not as good as this one.

This one should be another one.”

“Oh my god, this little boss is really amazing.

She obtained another three-colored jade in such a short time!”


Ding Hao knew this three-colored jade would attract everybodys attention when it was displayed.

Fortunately, the other two jade display cabinets were covered with red cloth.

He believed that the crowd would be even more excited in a while.

At this moment, Ding Hao was deeply impressed by Gu Qingchen.

Her thoughtful arrangement was fascinating!

Thinking of this, Ding Hao could not help but be a little excited.

He was affected by the atmosphere of the crowd.

“Hiss! Another three-colored jade.

Little Qingchen, you impressed me!” The moment Tang Feng saw the three-colored jade, he looked at Gu Qingchen beside him and whispered.

Gu Qingchen smiled slightly.

She was sitting elegantly.

She turned her head to look at Tang Feng and said, “Oh You have changed your impression of me already Wont you have to look at me later”

“Haha, Little Qingchen, youre very confident.

It seems that this three-colored jade is just an appetizer.

The next two jades are the main event!”

Tang Feng loved jade the most.

He had always wanted to come over today to support Gu Qingchen, but he did not expect she would give him a big surprise!

“There are quite a lot of competitors today.

If you want it, Im afraid youll have to spend a lot of money.”

During the jade convention, Gu Qingchen said she would auction off a few pieces of top-grade jade that she had obtained on the opening day of her jade shop.

At that time, many people wanted to buy jade from her.

So, many people who came today had prepared a large amount of money.

When Tang Feng heard this, his heart immediately said pitifully, “Little Qingchen, you did it on purpose, right You know I love jade, yet you still invited so many people to compete with me.

I think you just want to cut off a piece of my flesh!”

Gu Qingchen knew Tang Feng too well.

He was stingy and wasnt willing to spend large amounts of money.

He always liked to use the smallest cost to obtain the greatest benefits.

But today, it was likely that he wouldnt be able to get what he wanted.

Gu Qingchen smiled and teased, “Young Master Tang is a member of the Tang Group.

It should not be a problem to buy a piece of jade for you.

Youre rich!”

Tang Feng took a deep breath.

His eyes were full of condemnation of Gu Qingchen for taking the opportunity to get the money.

“Why isnt that mysterious guest here yet Is he afraid of a vampire like you, so hes not coming” Tang Feng glanced at the seat that Gu Qingchen had specially reserved.

That seat was still empty, and the space around it was not small.

If the seat was reserved for someone, this persons identity was not simple!

That mysterious guest must have a higher status than him, Master Deng and Elder Yuan.

Tang Feng thought about it.

Among the people Gu Qingchen knew, perhaps only Young Master Rong could sit in that seat.

But would Young Master Rong come here

It would be difficult! Tang Feng shook his head, feeling that It was not Young Master Rongs style.

“Youll know soon.

Theres no point in being anxious.” Gu Qingchen did not say anything else.

Tang Feng really wanted to pinch Gu Qingchen a few times.

“The starting bid for this three-colored jade is five million.

The minimum for each bid is 100,000.

Theres no upper limit.

Lets start the auction now!”

As soon as Ding Hao finished speaking, people began to bid.

Although the reporters were standing at the side, they could feel their blood boiling when they saw this scene.

After all, they rarely came to such a live auction.

The reporters couldnt help but feel a little excited when they saw such a hot-blooded auction.

“5.1 million.”

“5.2 million.”

“5.5 million.”

“6 million!”

The bidding was still going on.

They all knew that the people who came here today were all very powerful.

The next few jades would definitely be more valuable.

They definitely wouldnt be able to compete with those big shots.

Therefore, these people were already bidding wildly over the first three-colored jade.


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