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Now, his daughter was hiding behind another man.

He believed that Ji Lingchen would feel the same way.

For a second, Mr.

Fang felt a sense of loss.

It turned out that another man had become his daughters protector.

Ji Lingchen noticed his father-in-laws strange expression.

He glanced at his little wife who was hugging his arm.

He understood what was going on.

“Dad, Xiaonuan and I will come to visit you two in a few days.”


Fang said, “Its too troublesome to run back and forth.

Take care of your father first.

Go back and rest for a few days.”

Ji Lingchen smiled.

“Its alright.

It would be after school for her.

Ill go straight home after work.

If you miss her, just give us a call and well visit you.

Now that shes married, youll need some time to get used to it.

Ill bring her back to visit you.”

Hearing his sons words, Old Master Ji realized that his family had snatched the “pearl of the Fang family” away.

How lonely the couple must be at home!

“Thats right, thats right! Mr.

Fang, do you miss Xiaonuan Bring her home today.

It wont be a problem.

Bring her home for a few days.” Old Master Ji hurriedly told this irritating daughter-in-law to leave.

If she stayed any longer, he would stay furious for longer.

Fang Xiaonuan looked at her father-in-law who was lying in bed.

“Dad, I wont leave you like this.

My husband and I will take good care of you.”

“Theres no need.

You should go back and play!”

Fang Xiaonuan did not leave.

Old Master Ji was so angry, but he was helpless.

Seeing this, the Fang couple realized that their daughter had already gotten used to living in the Ji family.

The couple did not stay any longer.

After the short visit, they got up and left under the excuse of being busy.

Before they left, Mrs.

Fang tapped her daughter on the forehead and lectured her in a doting tone, “Eat fewer snacks! Youre already married, youre an adult now.”

Fang Xiaonuan acted coyly.

“Its not that I wanted to eat them.

My husband bought them for me.”

Ji Lingchen nodded.

“Dad and Mom, I wont let Xiaonuan suffer.

If she enjoys certain things, Ill buy them for her.”

Xiaonuans parents looked at each other, not knowing what to say for a moment.

The two returned to the car.


Fang asked in puzzlement, “Hubby, Nuannuan is married to Lingchen.

Have they developed feelings for each other”


Fang started the car.

He replied, “Perhaps they are fated to be together!”

Old Master Ji saw that Fang Xiaonuan, who did not leave the ward, did not even turn on the heater.

He secretly swore in his heart,Ill get a hair transplant when I get back!

Due to the presence of two people who did not know how to take care of patients, Old Master Ji did not say anything when it was time for lunch.

He sat on the bed and looked at his daughter-in-law, who was sitting on the sofa not far from the bed.

She was enjoying her snacks.

Fang Xiaonuan opened a packet of spicy junk food.

The spicy aroma filled the entire room.

Old Master Ji kept swallowing his saliva.

It smelled so good!

Ji Lingchen saw that his father was hungry and asked, “Dad, are you hungry”

“Im not hungry, Im not hungry!” Old Master Ji emphasized.

He looked at the cold liquid being injected into his body and told himself,Hold on a little longer.

There are only two bottles left.

Fang Xiaonuan also noticed that her father wanted to eat the spicy junk food.

She approached him with the packet.

“Dad, open your mouth, Ill feed you a mouthful.”

Old Master Ji really opened his mouth.

“Dont worry.

Ill just have a little.”

Ji Lingchen hurriedly stopped his foolish wife.

“Xiaonuan, Dad hasnt recovered yet.

He cant eat these spicy things.”

Fang Xiaonuan looked at her father-in-laws pale face and thought of the nurses warning.

She retracted her hand.

“Dad, you cant eat them now.

Once youre discharged, Ill take you to get some.”

Old Master Ji glared at his son.

His son knew that he could not eat junk food now, but he still bought so much junk food for his wife.

The worst part was that his wife was eating all of it right under his nose.

Was she not tempting him

Ji Lingchen said to his wife, “Xiaonuan, dont eat anymore.”

Fang Xiaonuan saw that there were only a few pieces left.

She said, “Ill eat outside in the corridor.

Ill come back after eating.

I dont want dad to smell it.” With that, she took the half-finished packet of spicy junk food and left.

Only the father and son were in the ward.

Old Master Jis stomach began to rumble.

He looked embarrassed.

Fortunately, only his son was present.

Ji Lingchen did not look at his father.

He did not ask if his father was hungry.

Instead, he went to the end of the bed and opened the gifts that his father-in-law and mother-in-law had brought.

There was a whole box of pastries.

He took out a packet and opened it, handing it to his father.

“Dad, have some of this.

Use your left hand.”

The needle was in Old Master Jis right hand.

Using chopsticks with his left hand was inconvenient, but the pastry would not be too hard to pick up.


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