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Chapter 1764 A Pristine Foundation! ll

The visage of Adjudicator Katelyn was submerged in the mesmerizing silver lake surrounded by shocking Mirror Beasts whose bodies pulsed with power.

These types of Beasts could be found past the periphery of the Mirror Dimension where LEGENDS roamed, and yet they fell under the command of this being as she held a truly special Mythical Natural Born Physique!

Her mother was a unique Dimensional Existence as her father was a renowned LEGEND of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline, her own both being a miracle as she was bound for glory.

Yet she floated in the silver lake as her blessings could at times be seen floating up and down, her gaze full of melancholy as she sighed.

A mother that doesn\'t want me, and a sister that hates me…must they all be so focused on power Must they struggle and fight so much!

A trace of anger could be felt in her sadness as she shook her head again.



She raised her fair hands as her body shone with an incandescent silver slight the bodies of ten Mirror Beasts in the periphery of the lake rising up as they malformed and changed constantly, eventually joining and fusing together in a shocking fashion as an enormous Mirror Beast the size of multiple Cosmos began to form!

A Mirror Beast that shockingly…began to give off the visage of none other than a LEGEND as its body became armored in crystalline silver light!

Power is fickle.

Katelyn shook her head as she waved her hand again, this fused Mirror Beast breaking apart into 10 once more as she shook her head.

If my heart and words cannot reach them…


Silver radiance began to bloom out as she rose, her wondrous body becoming covered and wrapped in a regal mirror armor as the sadness from her eyes was wiped away, calmness and serenity returning.

...then I will use the power they hold so dear to reach them.


Astounding radiance and destiny erupted out as an existence that didn\'t have any goals began to form grand aspirations.

She was just one of the contenders who would be delving into the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum as the rest of the beings to come…were bound to shake the vast Realities with their grandeur!

In the Cosmic Holy Land, time passed as an existence forged his foundation to a shocking level.

Multiple Physiques were completed for his body as a stupendous Cycle of the Infinite Dream Physique was also achieved, with Sanguine Adequation being put to use as for the sake of exceeding the Aspect of the Body- the strength of the Origin would be burnt along with Noah cultivating multiple Physiques at the same time!

One was the Infinite Dream Physique, the second was the Limit Breaking Extreme Mana Physique that Noah could now refine 2 more times after the elevation of Unnamed Kainos Emperor, and the Limit Breaking Arcadian Physique that required the Blood of Eighth Firmament existences and higher to forge.

Normally, all the different methods of refinement had their own requirements, but Noah was once more breaking apart normality as with Sanguine Adequation, he had rapidly increased the pace of the Infinite Dream Physique to complete a Cycle.

Now, he would be doing the same thing with the other two Physiques as so long as he provided the initial requirement for the refinement- Sanguine Adequation would take him the rest of the way there as it transferred the power of the Primogenial Strata and fused it into the Aspect of his Body!

So currently, Noah was surrounded by vibrant colors of essences as he seemed like an ancient king pulling apart and putting together aspects of his body, constantly refining them and strengthening them as above his head- stellar Seeds of Reality were breaking apart and turning into a multicolored liquid that flowed into him.

At the same time, one of his True Sanguine Clones was undergoing a fantastical dream as the voice of Lavalliere guided him through it.


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