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Like Selina, Kalcion wore the suit from the moment he left home.

As she thought he would be ready by wearing some armor, she didn’t know that he had to take off his coat and put it on again.

There were also servants in the barracks to serve Kalcion.

“Ah… Well, I’m going to help you prepare, too.”

Saying so, Selina approached him, pretending to be calm.

It was known that they do this and that in the same bed every night, but at best, they couldn’t show their surprise just by undressing their upper body.

He had shown his bare upper body in front of her a few times, though it wasn’t in a strange situation when he was caught taking off his clothes like this.

The nakedness of a man was one of the things that she naturally got used to while working as an actress.

If someone had just been walking around naked, she wouldn’t have been surprised and would have just passed it off.


When Kalcion saw Selina who came in, he stiffened up, and even Selina was surprised.

It often happened even on set that the atmosphere became more awkward because of the shy partner—it was just that now.

Because of that, she deliberately boldly pushed the servants back and approached Kalcion.

“I want to take care of it with my own hands if possible.

Can I put this on”

Taking something like a leather vest from the servant’s hand, Selina stood behind his back.

“Yes, you can put it on from the back and just tighten the strap from the front.”

The servant who had the vest taken away quickly explained.

“Give me your arm this way.”

After putting the arms around his shoulders, Selina came back in front of him.

A glance at his chest and abdomen, covered with smooth muscles, without any loose flesh.

She took the strap from the servant’s hand and tucked it into the hole, and her concentration made her naturally put her forehead to his chest.

‘He’s handsome even up to the belly button.’

Selina thought to herself as she stared at Kalcion’s belly button, which was dented above and below.

He’s a good-looking guy by nature, so to think he’s good-looking was just a fact-check.

Still, to be handsome up to the belly button… It was true he was good-looking, though this went a little too far.

“You have to tighten the strap, so they fit snugly against the body.”

As the servant instructed, she pulled the straps through the hole tight.

Upon the open front, starting from the navel up to the clavicle, this time, his clavicle caught her eye.

‘…Is this a collarbone that can be used instead of a cup He’s handsome up to his collarbone as well.’

Selina fanned her eyes in surprise once more.

Above the collarbone, the uvula protruding from the center of his straight neck, moved greatly.



As she looked with her gaze raised a little further, she met eyes with Kalcion.


His nervous eyes cast down on her.

Selina knew from the beginning that he was weak in skinship, but now, they sleep while hugging and giving each other morning and night kisses—embracing and rolling around during training happen several times a day.

…Why was he so nervous now

Although she was just helping with his armor, she felt like an unscrupulous person admiring his naked body.

‘That’s actually true.’

However, she didn’t touch or rub him like a pervert.

Her hand brushed through the straps.


It was then that she discovered why he was so frozen.

She hadn’t touched his bare body since the day she crossed over from the bathhouse to make fun of Kalcion, determined midway through the journey.

While she was dressing him, it didn’t change the fact that her hand touched him.

The moment she realized that fact, the tension from Kalcion unfurled to Selina as well.

She touched him herself… This man.

Selina’s neck also moved. Gulp.

The vest was all on, but her gaze was tied up and she couldn’t get her body away.

As time passed, tension engulfed her body like fire.

“You can put the shirt over this.”

Thanks to the intervention of the ignorant and knowledgeable servant, the tension between the two were broken like ice in the spring sun.

“Ah, yes.”

Selina took the shirt and put it on.

The two couldn’t raise their faces until she put on the cloak and armor over it.


Kalcion prepared the weapon, the last thing, himself.

With a large sword around his waist, his hands were as natural as flowing water, with spare knives and daggers slotted into his thighs, calves, and arms.

It was said that in this world, a javelin was used more than a bow for hunting.

He also carried a bow though he took more javelins.

Finally, he put on the cloak embroidered with care by Mrs.

Janet stitch by stitch.

Kalcion, with his black cloak fluttering, was so cool that it felt like the glory of this world to have such a creature.

“You look really cool.”

Selina praised him frankly.

The tip of his lips, which had stiffened at those words, danced softly.

“Well, then let’s go.”

Already outside the barracks, the sound of horseshoes roaming could be heard.

When she came out, people were gathering, each with their javelins and bows.

Even the people who had gathered to see them off were there, too, so the vacant lot was packed when everyone gathered.

“Prepare for departure!”

People were bustling at the shout of the servant.

“I will give you my prey.

Will you wish me good luck”

“I will.”

Whether it was a banquet or a hunting contest, the essence was the same.

Who was the main character was important.

At the banquet, the main character was a person who constantly received requests for dance, but in a hunting competition, the person who collected a lot of prey became the main character.


While the number of prey included not only the ones, they have caught themselves but also those they have received from other people.

Therefore, they would be able to receive the prey by wishing the other good luck in advance.

A lady kissed a lord’s forehead and wished him good luck.

Besides them, they were the same sights everywhere.

For those who did not participate in the hunting competition, the person who asked for good luck was as desperate as the person who asked for a dance at the ball.

Selina’s partner was, of course, going to be Kalcion.

“I will give you my prey.

Will you wish me good luck”

However, there was one person in the middle.

“…Your Highness.”

The Crown Prince approached with a red cloak waving, shining in complete contrast to Kalcion’s cold tones.

There was no need to limit the number of prey received to just one person.

In the case of Rosalyn over there, people lined up to receive her blessing.

Selina had no choice but to nod her head, as giving a refusal was utterly impossible.

“It is an honor.”

The Crown Prince bowed his back.

She then placed her hands lightly on his shoulders and took her lips when they were about to touch his forehead.

It felt like a thorn on her lips.

“I wish you good luck.

Don’t get hurt, and good luck.”

Imitating the words spoken around her, Selina smiled formally at the Crown Prince.

“I offer you the most beautiful prey.”

The Crown Prince turned away, leaving a kiss on the back of her hand.

Her heart was not shaken by the Crown Prince’s appearance.

Selina stroked her frightened chest in surprise and turned her body toward Kalcion.

The person Selina had to take care of more than the Crown Prince was him.

Suddenly, the Crown Prince intervened, and Kalcion became the backseat player.

‘To Duke Renbird…’

‘At some point, did the Crown Prince throw a romantic sign’

There was gossip all around.

Rosalyn’s bloody energy, staring at this from afar, also played a part.

‘Shouldn’t I do something more special than what I did to the Crown Prince…’

She glanced around, but Kalcion’s eyes were already burning, saying, ‘I won’t let him go if you do worse than what you did to him.’

“Will you wish me good luck, too”

“Are you giving me all your prey”

“I’ll get you anything you want.”

It wouldn’t be an idle boast.

It was because if it’s Kalcion, he really would.

“The stars in the sky, the prey that I want, the Duke is getting busy.”

Selina lifted her fingers and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“Good luck.”

She parted her lips and saw the eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

Selina groaned and pressed her lips to his left and right cheeks as well.

He softened a little.

‘…Is this not enough’

This time she placed her lips on his right cheek again and pressed it tight like a stamp.

Her lip rouge was clearly smeared.

Even though the warmth returned to his eyes, he was not satisfied.

Usually, Kalcion was the one to be spiteful due to his temperament, but today it was the other way around.

‘Where is it’

When a person is obsessed with the desire to compete, his rational judgment may become loose.

Selina put her lips on Kalcion’s as if saying if he was still going to make an expression that it wasn’t enough.


His shoulder, which her hand was holding, suddenly jumped.

‘Of course.’

It was when Selina, intoxicated with the triumph, raised her lips and tried to lower herself from tiptoeing.


Kalcion’s hand supported her back, preventing her from falling.

Her lips, which were about to separate, were pressed tightly again.

She tried to make a slight squeal and was about to back away though she could feel the force in Kalcion’s lips against her.


Their lips parted, and the two looked at each other with eyes lost in focus as they couldn’t believe what they had just done.

While there seemed to be a sound of ‘Oh my gosh’ around them, it passed by their ear.

It was an empty vacuum as if there were only the two of them left in the world.


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