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“Eh Did I run into another big business this time”

A devilish smile appeared on the corner of Ye Fengs mouth.

Then, he got up and washed up.

After he walked out of his room, he looked around and found that all the students had already gotten up and were rushing to the cafeteria.

Obviously, everyone was preparing to have breakfast.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng could not help but be stunned.

This group of people was too enthusiastic.

“Is this the Academys student career Every days classes are not delayed, and there are so many things to be busy with!”

Ye Feng sighed in his heart.

Then, he quickly found Lin Xiaoyue who was waiting for him on a lawn.

“Sister Xiaoyue, what exactly is the mission you said Its so mysterious,” Ye Feng said with a laugh when he saw the beautiful woman in a short skirt opposite him.

This senior sister indeed exuded the charm of youth all the time!

“Youre finally here.

If you were a little later, I wouldnt have wanted you!” Lin Xiaoyue pouted and snorted.

Hearing this, Ye Feng couldnt help but be startled and then laughed.

“Haha, then I really have to thank you.

If I didnt come, you might have thrown me away!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Seeing Ye Fengs appearance, Lin Xiaoyue couldnt help but roll her eyes.

Then, she took out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Ye Feng.

“Take a look for yourself.”

Lin Xiaoyue glared at Ye Feng in annoyance.

Then, she said, “This time, our teacher arranged for you to be in a group with me.

They said that they have an important mission and asked you to be in a group with me.

Ive just called him and know your time.

You can appear in a few minutes.”

Ye Feng took the note and opened it.

He was stunned.

It turned out that the mission this time was for Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue to be in a group.

They were in charge of finding the target of this mission.

The target of this mission was a creature.

Generally speaking, there was no creature that was worthy of their attention.

However, the situation now was different.

They actually had to specifically find this creature and hunt it down!

Ye Feng was currently at the peak of B grade while Lin Xiaoyue was an A grade.

Logically speaking, they did not need to spend much effort to deal with this creature.

They could easily solve it.

However, the mission this time was very troublesome.

This was because the enemy that Ye Feng and the others were facing was not an ordinary creature.

Instead, it was a powerful beyond A grade existence!

It had very powerful offensive methods and also had very terrifying defensive abilities.

Most importantly, it was too powerful!

If it was an ordinary student.

Facing a beyond A grade existence, they would probably be unable to resist at all and would be instantly killed.

But Ye Feng and the others were different.

If they joined forces, they should be able to resist a beyond A grade creature.

The mission this time was to hunt down this beyond A grade creature.

After reading this piece of paper, Ye Feng could not help but frown.

“How are we going to kill this beyond A grade creature”Ye Feng asked with a frown.

This kind of creatures body was at least ten times larger than a humans.

It had very tough skin, and its defense was also very strong.

Although Ye Fengs current attributes had already reached an astonishing strength, he still could not tear the creatures skin and flesh apart!

Even though Lin Xiaoyue had also reached A grade, she would still be unable to defeat an opponent who was beyond A grade.

Furthermore, the moves she used were basically ranged attacks.

Therefore, it might not be very effective against this kind of creature with thick skin.

Although Ye Fengs attacks were powerful, and they were a threat against these ordinary creature, however, this was a beyond A grade creature.

These were the things that Ye Feng and the others had to pay attention to.

They had to kill it!

“I just called teacher to ask about some information.

He said that this beyond A grade creature is called theNether Serpent Emperor.

This creature is a very strange existence.

Its appearance was like a lizard, but its body was snake-shaped.

Moreover, it had a pair of sharp claws and teeth.

It has a very terrifying offensive power.”

“Not only is it good at hiding, but its also very fast and very dangerous.

Its poison is also very powerful.

It can corrode human flesh and blood.

Moreover, it will absorb the energy within, making its body bigger and bigger.”

Lin Xiaoyue told the information to Ye Feng.

“So thats how it is!”

Ye Feng nodded.

It seemed that this mission was very troublesome.

“The combat strength of beyond A grade creatures is very powerful.

Moreover, their venom is also very terrifying.

Us students might not be able to defeat them, but our teacher suggested that we give it a try.

After all, under such circumstances.

There is no other way except to hunt this kind of creature.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng.

She spoke seriously, her tone revealing a resolute expression.

Ye Feng looked at Lin Xiao Yue and asked, “Sister Xiaoyue, are you sure you want to go with me as a team”

Hearing Ye Fengs words, Lin Xiaoyues pretty face turned slightly red, and then she glared fiercely at Ye Feng.

“Just dont hold me back.

Ill give you a chance to find your desperate friend on the Symbiotic Continent.

The first person I think of was you,” she said.

“Symbiotic Continent! Wait, which friend of mine” Ye Feng exclaimed, immediately regretting the second half of his sentence.

“Thats right.

Professor Lei told me that you have a friend who is trapped somewhere in the Symbiotic Continent.

He said that its very dangerous or something, so when he received this high-level mission from the school, all he thought of was to inform you.” After Lin Xiaoyue finished speaking, she looked at Ye Feng with a ghostly smile.

“Is it some little beauty!”


“No, no! Its just… an ordinary good friend.” Ye Feng scratched his head and coughed to ease the awkwardness before saying.

How could there be any friends This was just a random thought that he came up with by deceiving Professor Lei.

He didnt expect that Professor Lei would be so diligent and find the opportunity to give him access to the Symbiotic Continent so quickly.

Ye Feng looked at Lin Xiaoyue and said, “Then lets go.

This mission is very dangerous.

I hope you can be mentally prepared.”

This creature was not only powerful, but it would explode when it died.

Once it exploded, it would create a powerful shockwave.

It was very dangerous!

And there was another problem, which was that it could turn invisible.

And when it turned invisible, it would use very strange skills.

For example, it could use teleportation when it turned invisible!


This was a very terrifying skill!

The distance of teleportation was very far, and it could teleport within a range of ten meters.

The strength of a beyond A grade creature was not much weaker than an S grade creature!

It was even stronger, which was why this mission was so dangerous.

This kind of creatures strength had already surpassed A grade.

Once it reached the peak of A grade, it could break through to S grade at any time and reach an even more terrifying realm.

That was the legendary grade of fierce beasts.


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