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Gu Qiqi struggled in a fog.

She seemed to have fallen into a nightmare.

In her dream, Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue held a stack of videotapes and said to her with a sinister smile, “Gu Qiqi, you little b*tch, do you really think that no one knows what happened four years ago You didnt leave any evidence Haha, we can give you a slap in the face with the evidence and ruin your reputation! What youngest famous doctor What world medical competition champion If the photos of you selling eggs and being raped are sent to the world, youll be completely crippled! How can you still have the face to perform surgery on others Which patient is willing to let a dirty woman like you perform surgery Not to mention that you want to fall in love and get married! Dream on! Gu Qiqi, wait for death…”

On the other side, Gu Qiushan was wearing shackles from the prison.

He was covered in pus and dirt.

He smiled bitterly and walked over with a clang.

“Gu Qiqi, you wild bastard.

So youre the bastard born of that shameless woman, Qin Wei… Ill beat you to death!!!”

Gu Qiqi stood at the edge of the cliff and was forced to retreat by these three shameless people.

She wanted to fight back, to retort, and to say that her mother wasnt that kind of woman.

Instead, it was those shameless people who had caused her to sell her eggs back then… But her throat burned as if she had lost her voice, and she couldnt shout a word…

She let these bastards poke their dirty fingers in her fair face…

Suddenly, an anxious call sounded.

“Qiqi… Qiqi! Wake up! Whats wrong”

The call was like a light that suddenly split the darkness of a nightmare.

The ferocious faces of Gu Meifeng, Gu Xuexue, and Gu Qiushan shattered in the void.

Gu Qiqi opened her eyes with difficulty and saw Beigong Mingtians anxious and concerned face.

She had never thought that Beigong Mingtians voice could be so pleasant!

“Thank you…” Her throat still burned, but she forced the words out.

This upgrade was too difficult.

She actually fell asleep.

Beigong Ming was relieved to see her awake.

He used a handkerchief to wipe away her sweat.

“Whats going on The plane is air-conditioned and youre still sweating”

Gu Qiqi took the handkerchief and wiped it herself in embarrassment.

“Oh… Were in the capital”

Beigong Mings lips twitched.

“Its been six hours.”

He saw that Gu Qiqi was sleeping soundly and couldnt bear to wake her up.

He was even more embarrassed to carry her down the plane.

If Gu Qiqi hadnt kept moaning in pain in the nightmare just now, he might have allowed her to sleep longer.

Gu Qiqi jumped up from her chair.


The journey took about seven to eight hours.

Coupled with the six hours of delay, almost most of the day had passed!

“What time is it”

“Ten-thirty in the morning, Empire time.”

“We have exams in the morning!!!”

Gu Qiqi held her forehead.

“And its Punisher Suns exam.”

Beigong Mingtian did not think much of it.

“Sun Yuzhen Isnt she teaching an elective Whats the big deal If you miss it, you can take the make-up test next semester.”

As an upperclassman and the president of the Student Union, Beigong Mingtian had always been very strict with his juniors.

This was his first time advising people not to study hard and not to care about exams.

Somehow, in front of Gu Qiqi, many of his principles were being broken one by one… He hadnt even realized this change.

Gu Qiqi glared at him.

“Of course not! We have to take the exam!”

Beigong Mingtian realized how little he valued his studies and felt a little ashamed.

“My driver is waiting outside.

Ill get him to drive faster later…”

Gu Qiqi said, “Alright.

After all, I made a bet with Punisher Sun.

Im waiting to see her lose her pants!”

Beigong Ming was speechless.

So it wasnt because she loved studying that she had to take the exam It was to tease the teacher!


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