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After looking at the systems new mission, Jiang Feng didnt hesitate to choose the second option.

He had already given Yu Jia a chance, but this greedy woman hadnt taken it.

She had actually scolded him in front of his parents.

She had even asked him to give her money for her lost youth! Jiang Feng couldnt take it anymore!

He reached out and blocked his mother, who was about to explain.

He then took a step forward and glared at Yu Jia with cold eyes.

“Who do you think you are How much is your youth even worth

“Did I not waste my own youth by being with you

“You dont even know who lent me the 30,000 yuan, yet you called me a scumbag!

“Youre so greedy, yet you still dare to stand here and accuse me of cheating on you

“How many times have I helped you How much money have I spent on you Have you helped me once

“How did your parents raise a b*tch like you Its one thing to add insult to injury, but you have no sense of shame.”


“Who broke up with whom this morning Now, whos the one causing trouble here Do you want me to call the police to make you settle down

“Yu Jia, have some dignity.

Dont act like a smelly shoe that gets trampled everywhere it goes!”

Jiang Fengs curses made Yu Jias eyes widen in anger.

She looked at Jiang Feng with eyes ready to burst into flames.

His words had made her feel bad.

She had been pampered like a princess from a young age and had never been scolded like this before.

“Jiang Feng, you…”

“Why are you even addressing me Get the hell out of here, you b*tch!

“Ive already tolerated you enough, even though you pretended to fall in love with me for the sake of the demolition fund.

Dont make me slap you!

“Ill tell you again: Weve already broken up!

“You have nothing to do with me anymore.

Get as far away from here as you can!”

Yu Jia was about to retaliate, but she was immediately scolded by Jiang Feng.

As she faced him, she felt a little guilty.

She was indeed a little afraid of Jiang Fengs anger.

“You have guts, Jiang Feng.

Dont regret this later!

“This is not over.

I will make your whole family pay!”

Yu Jia looked at Jiang Feng, who was already angry, and felt fear and rage in her heart.

She pointed at Jiang Fengs family and said a few harsh words as she retreated and walked out the door.

The family behind her was completely shocked at that moment.

They had never seen Jiang Feng so angry before.

Even Yu Jia had been a little afraid of Jiang Fengs anger just now, as he had looked like he was about to give her a beating.

When he saw Yu Jia leave the ward, Jiang Fengs expression quickly improved.

Jiang Feng could be hostile to outsiders, but he was definitely kind to his own people.

He turned around to face his parents and little sister, and a smile appeared on his face again.

“Little sis, you werent scared, right”

Jiang Feng stroked his little sisters soft head as he spoke to her gently.

“Big brother, you scolded her very nicely.

Just as you should have.

Shes shameless!”

His little sister shook her head and spoke with a smile on her face.

It seemed that Jiang Fengs angry words had indeed relieved her anger.

Meanwhile, Jiang Jianzhong and Yu Xiumin, who were standing beside her, had also seen Yu Jias true colors.

“I really didnt expect her to be that kind of person.

I treated her so well!

“I was wondering why she was even angrier than the two of us today.

She just kept scolding us.

“So she was here for the demolition money.

Shes very greedy, but I was blind for so long that I couldnt see her true colors.”


As the old couple spoke, they were also very unhappy.

They hadnt expected the girl they had treated so kindly to actually be an ingrate.

However, after looking at Jiang Feng, they all shut their mouths and didnt say anything else.

After all, Jiang Feng was definitely feeling the most uncomfortable right now.

At the same time, Yu Jia had taken the elevator to the hospital lobby, her heart filled with anger.

She hated Jiang Feng to the bone.

Not only had she not managed to get any money in the past few months, but she had also been scolded by Jiang Feng in the end.

As a spoiled child, she could not take this lying down.

She silently swore that she would make Jiang Feng pay for this!

At that moment, her phone suddenly rang.

Yu Jia looked at the message her aunt had sent her and clicked on it.

A second later, her aunts familiar voice came from the other end of the line.

“Jia Jia! Are you in a relationship right now”

Her aunt got straight to the point.

“Dont say anything.

I just broke up with him,” Yu Jia replied, sounding a little angry.

“Hehe, I knew that gigolo was unreliable.

I will introduce you to a mature, steady man.

“His family is very rich, and he has several apartments in Shanghai.

He earns tens of thousands a month just by collecting rent.

He is very wealthy.

“He is just a little older, but his condition is definitely top-notch.

“Dont you young people say that love is blind So, do you want to go on a blind date with him” her aunt said with a smile.


Her words were very pleasant to hear.

When Yu Jia heard her, her eyes immediately lit up.

The anger she had felt just now instantly disappeared, and she quickly agreed.

“Of course I want to go on a blind date.

Maybe well be a good match.

“Aunt, send me the address.

Ill come over to see you right away.”

Yu Jia was overjoyed, and her face was full of smiles.

“You poor thing, just wait and see!”


Yu Jia cursed Jiang Feng in her heart and then ran out of the hospital quickly.

She reached out to hail a cab and immediately disappeared from the hospital entrance.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the family was sitting together in silence.

The old couple could see that Jiang Fengs expression was not very happy and could not help but feel a little worried.

After hesitating for a while, Yu Xiumin finally said what was on her mind.

“Little Feng, now that our familys money has been spent, you still owe others tens of thousands of dollars.

Your father and I cant help you pay them back.


“All the relatives in the family want to keep kicking you while youre down.

No one is willing to lend you a single cent.

“Now that Yu Jia has abandoned you too, what should we do next”

As soon as Yu Xiumin spoke, the atmosphere became even more somber.

“Xiao Feng, dont feel burdened.

Ill go out tomorrow and look around.

Maybe I will find some work.

“Its a pity that my leg is hurt and I cant help you and your sister much.

“Otherwise, I would be able to afford her medical expenses!” Jiang Jianzhong was also worried about his son, so he quickly spoke up.

However, when he said this, he looked at his hurt leg and couldnt help but sigh.

This made the atmosphere in the room completely gloomy.

“I shouldnt have gone down to play with Lili.

If I hadnt gone to look for her, I wouldnt have fallen.” The little girl on the hospital bed looked at her parents and spoke in a low voice, sobbing a little.

Jiang Feng, who was sitting by the hospital bed, listened to his parents and little sisters words and looked at their disappointed faces.

His heart ached, and he felt tears welling up in his eyes.

However, as the pillar of the family, Jiang Feng immediately stood up and closed the door of the ward.

At the same time, he raised his head and forcefully held back the tears that were about to spill out of his eyes.


After closing the door of the ward, Jiang Feng turned around and stroked his little sisters head.

He smiled and said, “Little sis, its not your fault.”

Then, he turned around and looked at his parents, who were sitting next to him.

He said gently, “Dad, mom, dont worry.

Its nothing!”

His extremely calm voice made the two of them look up and see the smile on Jiang Fengs face.

He tapped on his phone for a few seconds.

Then, he turned the screen over and showed it to them.

“Bank of China”


“Account Holder: Jiang Feng”

“Balance: 100,000,000”


His parents and little sister were curious as they looked at Jiang Fengs phone screen.

The balance displayed on the screen was an astronomical number! The series of zeros alone shocked the three of them completely!


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