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As Liu Xinyaos question reached her ears, Lin Miaoxues face instantly turned red.

The redness spread from her snow-white neck to her ears.

Lin Miaoxue, who was originally calm, immediately averted her eyes.

“No, what are you even thinking”

At that moment, Lin Miaoxue looked like a frightened deer.

Although she looked cold and aloof on the outside, she was extremely sensitive and warm on the inside.


Looking at Lin Miaoxue, Liu Xinyao shook her head repeatedly.

“I really dont understand.

How could he be so blind He has this goddess by his side, yet he hasnt even noticed.

He actually found such a horrible woman instead.


“Sigh, its such a pity for the goddess.

Even now, shes still in love with him.

Its such a pity that her graceful figure is going unnoticed.”

“Alright, alright.

Youre talking too much.

“Stop talking nonsense.

Hurry up and leave as soon as you finish your drink.

Get back to work.”

Lin Miaoxue responded to Liu Xinyaos sarcasm tenderly.

“I cant even talk about it anymore.

Alright, alright, Ill get to work! Are you satisfied now, Miss Lin”

Liu Xinyao rolled her eyes at Lin Miaoxue dotingly.

She then picked up her bag and pulled her out of the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, Jiang Feng closed the door of the taxi and appeared at the entrance of the city orthopedic hospital.

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, Jiang Feng took out his phone to check his account.

There were eight zeros in the balance, as he had 100 million yuan.

Jiang Feng composed himself and carefully looked at the ward number sent by his mother.


After confirming his younger sisters ward and patient number, he walked straight to the payment counter.

Without hesitation, he paid the 30,000-yuan fee in one go.

He even sent money to the specialist doctors account number.

Then, he took the receipt and went straight to his sisters room.

Jiang Feng pushed open the door of the room and immediately saw his sister lying on the bed.

He quickly went forward and asked with concern, “Xiao Yu, how are you Does it hurt badly”

“Brother, Im fine.” His little sister smiled and spoke in her childish voice.

Jiang Feng looked at her and gently touched her head with a face full of affection.

“Brother, how are you Are you okay” Looking at Jiang Feng, the little girl questioned him with a face filled with concern.

It was as if she didnt need to be taken care of, as Jiang Feng needed it the most.

“Im fine, dont worry about me.” Jiang Feng smiled as he answered the little girls questions.

Then, he turned his head to look at his parents, who were standing next to him.

“Dad, what did the doctor say”

“Its not a big deal.

She hurt a small bone.

It can be fixed with a small operation,” Jiang Jianzhong quickly replied.


Jiang Feng looked at his parents, who were standing in front of him.

At that moment, he suddenly felt that they seemed to have aged a lot.

Without even thinking, he knew that they had been asking their relatives for money.

They were worried about getting the money for the surgery.

Looking at them, Jiang Feng took out the bill in his hand.

“Dad, Mom, dont worry.

I just paid the medical fees.”

Upon hearing this, the old couple immediately looked up at Jiang Feng, their faces full of shock.

30,000 yuan was not a small amount for their family.

Jiang Feng had just lost all his money, and he had not worked for long, so he could not have saved any money.

Where had he gotten so much money all of a sudden The old couple could not help but feel their hearts tighten as they thought of some bad scenarios.

“Xiao Feng, where did you get so much money”

Yu Xiumin was stunned and quickly took a few steps forward before she asked agitatedly, “Could you have approached a loan shark or something”

Jiang Jianzhong became even more anxious, and his eyes widened.

Seeing the old couples reaction, Jiang Feng held back the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

“I borrowed it from a female classmate,” he said with a smile.

He was careful about lying again.

Upon hearing his words, the old couple immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Since he hadnt gotten the money through nefarious ways, they were relieved.

However, Yu Xiumin was still a little worried.

She looked at Jiang Feng and reminded him, “Xiao Feng, you cant do anything reckless.

You have a girlfriend now.

“If Yu Jia finds out that another girl lent you such a large amount of money, she will definitely be suspicious!”

Speaking of his girlfriend, Yu Jia, Jiang Feng immediately remembered what she had said on the phone just now.

He immediately felt a little unhappy.

At that moment, his little sister beside him also had an angry look on her face.

She held Jiang Fengs hand and started to speak.

“Hmph! Yu Jia… As soon as you left the house last night, she brought her parents over.

“When she came, she was all smiles and she was very nice to our parents.

She kept trying to flatter them.

“But after she left, she began cursing and swearing.

It wasnt pleasant to hear!

“Hmph, brother, you have no idea…”

“Xiaoyu, dont say anything else.

Your brother just came back.

Dont make things difficult for him.”

His sister was only halfway through when their mother stopped her.

“Oh, I know.”

The girl listened to her mother and reluctantly agreed with a sullen face.

It was obvious that she was still very angry deep down.

There were a lot of things that she did not say out loud.

However, upon hearing Xiaomeis words, Jiang Feng turned his head to look at his parents again.

He felt even more unhappy in his heart.

“Xiao Feng, this matter…”

“Mom, you dont have to worry about it.

I will handle it myself!”

Yu Xiumin looked at Jiang Fengs expression.

She had been about to speak when Jiang Feng interrupted her.

Upon seeing Jiang Fengs expression, though, she didnt say what she wanted to.

She knew that she couldnt convince her young son after all.

Just as Jiang Feng and his family finished speaking, the door of the ward suddenly opened with a bang.

The loud sound made everyone turn their eyes to the door.

“Yu Jia!” His mother looked at the figure that walked in as she exclaimed in surprise.


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