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“Hows that possible Little Feng, ten million isnt a lot.

Dont get carried away.

Moreover, you bought two houses so you probably dont have much money left, right” Bai Yuan said with a forced smile, flustered and exasperated.

Jiang Feng said unhurriedly, “Uncle Bai Yuan, dont worry.

Ten million indeed isnt a lot.

Ill definitely work to earn more.

You dont have to worry about these things.

By the way, is there anything else Its almost noon, and we didnt prepare enough food.”

Bai Yuan was unwilling to give up.

He said, “Little Feng, Im just reminding you.

Why dont you try investing 10,000 or 20,000 yuan first It wont be much of a loss.”

“I have a better way of earning money.

Since this is such a good opportunity, Uncle Bai Yuan, you can invest more of your own money.

Perhaps, youll earn tens of millions,” Jiang Feng said with a faint smile.

“How could it be easy to earn millions Little Feng, youre still too naive,” Bai Yuan said, still trying to persuade Jiang Feng.

“Its indeed not easy to earn so much money.

Hence, you should work harder.

Dont have to worry about my family,” Jiang Feng said without hesitation.

“This…” Bai Yuans expression was rather unsightly at the moment.

Then, he said to Jiang Jianzhong, “Old Jiang, you cant let Little Feng control all the finances.

Hes still too young.

Why dont you invest some money”

At this time, Jiang Fengs second uncle chimed in, “Little Feng is very farsighted.

Bai Yuan, you dont need to worry about him.

Apart from that, I think you should be careful as well lest you get cheated.”

Jiang Jianzhong and Yu Xiumei nodded in agreement.

“Second Brother is right.

Bai Yuan, you dont have to worry about Little Feng.”

Bai Yuan was at a loss seeing the four peoples solidarity.

In the end, he could only say unwillingly, “Then, Ill visit another day.”

Jiang Feng sneered as he watched Bai Yuan leave.

In fact, from the very beginning, he had been incredibly unhappy with his so-called relatives.

However, for the sake of his parents, he did not sever ties with them.

After all, his parents had a more traditional view and somewhat valued these relatives.

However, after that incident, his parents had also seen their true colors.

He was very satisfied with this.

Previously, he had been worried his parents would be deceived, and he knew he could not ask his parents to sever ties directly.

In fact, he did not care about the money.

If they were good, he definitely would not mind helping them out.

However, with their attitude, it was good enough that all he did was ask them to leave.

After dealing with his relatives, Jiang Feng turned his attention to the company instead.

He needed more reliable people in the company, and the best candidate now for him was Lin Miaoxue.

However, he still had to ask for her opinion.

Just when he was about to contact her, he received a message from her.

Lin Miaoxue: Are you free tonight I have something to tell you.

On the other side, Lin Miaoxue had mustered up her courage before sending Jiang Feng a message.

She still felt conflicted and troubled.

If she told Jiang Feng about Luo Yuchang, she would add to Jiang Fengs worries.

Moreover, it would be difficult for Jiang Feng to come up with countermeasures even if Jiang Feng knew Luo Yuchang was targeting him.

Just as she was about to withdraw her message, she received a reply from Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng: Yes.

I have something to speak to you about as well.

Jiang Fengs message caused Lin Miaoxues heart to overflow with happiness.

At this moment, she completely pushed Luo Yuchang out of her mind.

In any case, she would think about this when they met later.

Lin Miaoxue: Theres a new night market.

I heard there are fireworks displays as well.

Do you want to go We can walk around and talk at the same time.

Lin Miaoxue felt that she was saying too much so she deleted the last two sentences before sending the message.

Jiang Feng smiled after reading Lin Miaoxues message.

His mood improved greatly.

Jiang Feng: I want to go.

However, itll be depressing since therell likely be many couples there.

Lin Miaoxue thought for a moment, unsure of how to reply.

At this moment, Jiang Fengs message came again.

Jiang Feng: Miss Lin, will you accompany this poor single person

Lin Miaoxue was very happy.

This message made it easier for her to reply.

Lin Miaoxue: Alright.

Ill reluctantly accompany you.

Jiang Feng: Ill pick you up tonight.

Lin Miaoxue grinned.

She covered her face when she thought about Jiang Fengs handsome appearance.

‘Why am I always thinking about him I cant get rid of him at all!

Jiang Feng was delighted.

Everything happened at the right time and in the right place with the right people.He could not wait to see Lin Miaoxue tonight so he would know what she was thinking.

When it was almost time, Jiang Feng changed his clothes.

“Second Uncle, Im going out.

I have something to do.”

Jiang Fengs second uncle nodded.

“Go, go.

Ill accompany your parents to chat.”

Jiang Feng called for a cab instead of driving.

There would be many people at the night market and driving his Pagani would attract too much attention.

Lin Miaoxue was dressed very simply this time.

Her hair was tied into a high ponytail and she was dressed in simple sportswear.

The outfit was very ordinary, but it revealed her curves.

Coupled with her light makeup, she looked pure and beautiful.

‘She looks different from usual, but shes still beautiful, Jiang Feng praised inwardly when he saw her.

When one was beautiful, no matter how one was dressed, one would still look beautiful.

“You look different today,” Jiang Feng said.

Lin Miaoxues heart skipped a beat.

She wondered if he meant that she did not look as good as usual.

However, she maintained her composure and asked, “What Dont I look good today”

Jiang Feng replied honestly, “Its not that.

You look good, but its a different kind of beauty.”

Lin Miaoxus mood soared again.

“Maybe its because of the way I dressed and makeup.” Then, she hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Were quite close to the night market.

Should we just walk there”

Jiang Feng nodded.

“Its up to you.”

The duo did not speak as they walked.

Lin Miaoxue thought about her main purpose of asking Jiang Feng out and felt troubled again.

Jiang Feng did not know what to say at this moment.

Seeing that Lin Miaoxue was lost in her thoughts, he could not bear to disturb her.

In the end, he gave up on talking as well.

The moon shone on the duo silently.

At this time, Lin Miaoxu finally made up her mind.

She came to an abrupt stop, causing Jiang Feng who was walking behind her to almost bump into her.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Feng asked worriedly.

He could vaguely sense that Lin Miaoxue had something to say.

At this moment, a teenager on a skateboard came over unsteadily.

He was clear that he could not stop as he cried out, “Ah! Help! Help!”

Seeing that the teenager was about to crash into her, Lin Miaoxue froze, rooted to the spot.

At the critical moment, Jiang Feng pulled Lin Miaoxue to the side.

Then, he grabbed the teenager and kicked the skateboard to the side.

The teenager fell on Jiang Fengs foot, but he only had a slight scratch.

“Jiang Feng!” Lin Miaoxue exclaimed when she finally reacted.

The teenager panicked and quickly rose to his feet.

He bowed and apologized profusely, “Im sorry, Im sorry.

I wanted to practice skateboarding, but I didnt expect this to happen!”

Jiang Feng thought about Little Yu when he saw the teenager.

He patted the teenagers shoulder and said, “Its alright.

Be careful.”

If he showed a little kindness to the world, perhaps, the world would show a little kindness to his sister as well.

“Thank you, Brother,” the teenager said.

Then, he looked at Lin Miaoxue and asked, “Sister, are you hurt If not, Ill take my leave first.”

Lin Miaoxue shook her head.

When she saw the scratch on the teenagers arm she said, “Im fine.

You scratched yourself.

Remember to treat it.”

The teenager sighed in relief.

He carried his skateboard before he said, “Okay.

Thank you, Sister.”

Lin Miaoxu sighed.

“I was really shocked earlier.

Fortunately, nothing happened.”

“Its good that youre fine,” Jiang Feng said.

Then, he recalled Lin Miaoxues earlier reaction so he asked, “Did you want to tell me something earlier”

“No… No…” Lin Miaoxue waved her hand.

She felt that she was really fickle.

Just when she thought she had made up her mind, she decided to think about it again.

This matter was not a small matter after all.

Luo Yuchang likely would not make a move immediately so she still had time.

Jiang Feng did not think too much about it.

Instead, he said seriously, “I wanted to speak to you because I want to invite you to join my company.”

Lin Miaoxue was stunned.

She wondered if she had heard wrongly.

‘Did he ask me to join his company

“Although Cinda isnt as big as Kerry, I believe that Kerry will only continue to grow…


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