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Jiang Fengs second uncle scratched his head, feeling embarrassed about being treated like a child.

“Sister-in-law, youre worrying too much.”

Jiang Jianzhong said after a moment, “Its fine.

Let Second Brother do what he wants.”

“Alright.” Jiang Fengs second uncle nodded.

He felt incomparably warm in his heart.

Seeing that it was getting late and considering his second uncles condition, Jiang Feng said, “Alright, why dont we go back now Little Yus treatment is done as well.

Lets go, Second Uncle.”

Jiang Jianzhong nodded.

“Lets go, Second Brother.”

Little Yu was very cheerful.

“Okay! Ive grown sick of the smell of disinfectant in the hospital.

Lets go home!”

Jiang Feng pushed Little Yu on the wheelchair as the family walked out of the hospital, laughing and chatting.

Seeing the Jiang family, Bai Yuan and the other relatives, who had been waiting at the entrance, hurriedly came over and smiled warmly.

“Brother, Sister-in-law, do you need any help” Bai Yuan asked.

The group of relatives, including the middle-aged woman who caused a commotion earlier, came up one after another as well.

Jiang Feng sneered.

‘Theyre really relentless.

Jiang Jianzhong feigned ignorance.

He smiled foolishly as he said to chase them away, “Were going home.

Its getting late.

You all should go home as well.

If theres anything else, well talk about it another time.”

Bai Yuan pretended to be stupid as though he did not understand Jiang Jianzhongs meaning.

“Brother, Sister-in-law, Ill come with you.

I really want to know how all of you are doing.

I was worried when I found out youve all moved.”

With this, the other relatives also became noisy.

“Thats right.

We want to visit.

Well only feel relieved once we see youre okay.”

“Brother, Sister-in-law, dont worry.

Dont feel embarrassed as well.

If your living conditions arent good, well definitely help if we can.”

“I have money with me.

If theres any furniture youre lacking, let me help you get it.

Well visit to take a look.”

“This…” Yu Xiumei did not know how to respond.

She could only look at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Jianzhong did not know what to do as well, and he also looked at Jiang Feng.

Meanwhile, Jiang Fengs second uncle said, “Why are all of you so anxious Its the same if you visit another time.”

An idea appeared in Jiang Fengs mind.

Hence, he shook his head and said, “No.

They can come today.

Follow our car.”

“Little Feng is the most sensible.

He knows what were thinking.

No wonder youre my favorite nephew.”

“Little Feng, if you need anything in the future, just let me know.

Ill definitely help you with all I have.”

“Little Feng has grown up into a good man.

However, even when he was young, he had always been sensible.

Little Feng, Uncle believe you have a bright future in front of you.”

Jiang Feng continued to push Little Yu as those relatives chatted noisily around him.

He only had some peace and quiet after getting into the car.

There were only five of them in the car, and those relatives had driven their own casr.

Yu Xiumei said worriedly, “Little Feng, they probably wont leave you alone after seeing the house.

I wont put it past them to stay there shamelessly.

Will this…”

“Mon, dont worry.

Let them have a look.

However, I wont help them,” Jiang Feng said confidently.

Seeing Jiang Fengs confidence, the others who wanted to persuade him also swallowed their reminders back into their stomachs.

They wondered what Jiang Feng was planning to do.

When they arrived at the villa, those relatives eyes lit up immediately.

They thought about what they would be able to obtain soon.

“Old Jiang, I didnt expect all of you to be living in such a place.

How much did you buy it for Its really not bad!”

“Old Jiang, youre really stingy! You live in such a nice place, and yet, you didnt invite us over for a visit.

We thought you werent living well.

How can all of you not say a word about this”

The relatives were green with envy.

They could not help but touch the walls and pillars.

Bai Yuan pretended to be happy for the Jiang family.

He said with a smile, “Brother, Sister-in-law, youre really blessed.

Youve worked so hard for most of your lives.

You can finally live in such a beautiful home now… I worked hard my entire life, but I still cant live in a beautiful house.

My child has grown up, but its a pity that hes not as outstanding as Little Feng.

On the contrary, hes still asking me for money.” He continued to say, “All he knows is to live off his elders.

I really envy both of you.

If only I can live here to experience what its like…”

Bai Yuans meaning was very clear.

He wanted to live in the villa as well.

Jiang Feng smiled faintly.

“Only my parents, Little Yu, and Second Uncle can live here.

None of you can live here.

Moreover, if Second Uncle prefers it, Ill get him another villa like this.”

“Little Feng! How can you say such words What right do you have Weve helped your family in the past as well! Whats wrong if we just stay in one of the rooms” Bai Yuan said with a scoff, unwilling to give up.

The other relatives grumbled as well.

“Is your second uncle your only relative Were also your relatives How can you allow your second uncle to stay but prohibit us from doing so How can the treatment be so different Are we nothing compared to your second uncle”

“Little Feng, youre really terrible.

How can you be so ungrateful How much did we help your family when you were young”

Jiang Feng looked at them, completely unmoved by their words.

He said lazily, “You can leave now.

As I said, only Second Uncle can stay here.”

“You! You! Little Feng, how did you become like this! How can you talk to your elders like that Old Jiang, you have to educate Little Feng! Otherwise, hell become worst in the future,” Bai Yuan said angrily, embarrassed.

Needless to say, the other relatives were the same.

“Thats right! How dare you talk to your elders like that You have no manners! How can you be so disrespectful”

“Little Feng, how did you become like this Previously, Aunty thought you were sensible and obedient.

I didnt expect you to be so rude to your elders now.”

“Who did you learn this from Old Jiang, if you dont discipline him now, youll suffer in the future.

Hes going to treat you like how he treats us now in the future!”

Jiang Feng was still unmoved.

He said expressionlessly, “Are you done talking If youre done, you can leave now.

Youve already seen what you came to see.” After a beat, he added, “As for living here, you can only keep dreaming about it.

If you insist on forcing your way in, I wont hesitate to call the police.

Breaking and entering is illegal.”

Jiang Fengs words at the end made Bai Yuan and the others deflate.

They did not dare to say much and did not dare to stay any longer.

All of them could only leave resentfully.

“Were all relatives.

Is there a need to call the police If you want us to leave, then well just leave.

Old Jiang, well visit you another time!”

“Old Jiang, your Little Feng is really stingy! Go, Ill go now!”

“Old Jiang, you have to speak to Little Feng.

He cant treat guests like this.”

After everyone left, Jiang Feng said, “Mom, Dad, Second Uncle, Little Yu, lets go rest.

When you feel better, bring Second Aunt here.

I dont feel at ease if youre alone.”

Then, Jiang Feng yawned and returned to his room.

The remaining four people looked at each other.

They also felt tired so they all returned to their room to rest.


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