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Jiang Fengs second uncle was dumbstruck.

After a while, he stammered,”Little Feng… is really promising.

He, he earns more than ordinary people.

Ordinary young people cant compare to him at all.”

Jiang Feng shook his head and said seriously, “Its not enough.

100 million isnt enough.

Its too little.”

Jiang Fengs second uncle was further shocked by Jiang Fengs words.

‘What did Little Feng say 100 million is too little Am I dreaming

Jiang Fengs second uncle instinctively reached up to pat his face.

He closed his eyes before opening them again.

Seeing his second uncles reaction, Jiang Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He stepped forward to stop his second uncle.

“Second Uncle, what are you doing”

Jiang Jianzhong also stepped forward and asked, “Second Brother, why are you beating yourself Whats going on”

“I was checking if I was dreaming,” Jiang Fengs second uncle said with a smile as he scratched his head.

Then, he looked at Jiang Feng in confusion and asked, “Little Feng, are you bragging I dont even dare to think about earning 100 million.

Perhaps, itd take me a lifetime to earn that kind of money without eating and drinking.”

His nephew was simply a genius, right He had been doing business for so many years, but he had never earned so much money.

Moreover, due to his poor management, he was on the verge of losing all his money.

“No, Second Uncle.

I invested the money and profited,” Jiang Feng said as he shook his head.

Jiang Fengs second uncle was still shocked.

‘What kind of shocking ability is this Little Feng is only in his twenties when he should be working hard to earn money.

However, he has now soared to the heavens, standing at the top of the pyramid! If this continues, his future is incomparably bright! He has so many years ahead of him.

At that time, wouldnt he turn the world upside down

“Little Feng, how did you do it” Jiang Fengs second uncle could not help but ask.

“I was just lucky with my speculation and invested correctly,” Jiang Feng said modestly.

“Little Feng, do your best in the future.

Second Uncle thinks highly of you.

Youll definitely make a fortune for the Jiang family,” Jiang Fengs second uncle said.

He was so happy that he did not know what else to say and could only pat Jiang Fengs shoulder helplessly.

The Jiang familys ancestors had accumulated a lot of virtue to have such a rare genius.

Jiang Fengs second uncle could not help but sigh emotionally in his heart.

He could already Jiang Fengs glory in the future.

“Second Uncle, I will.

In the future, youll also live a happy life with us.

If it werent for your help in the past, I wouldnt have come this far,” Jiang Feng said seriously.

“Good, good,” Jiang Fengs second uncle said as he nodded repeatedly.

He felt very moved.

After that, Jiang Fengs second uncles eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he heard about the villa.

He felt like he was dreaming.

His nephew was actually so successful.

Despite having almost no money, he had been going around trying to scrape 30,000 yuan together to help his brothers family.

He had accepted the fate of being poor and lonely for the rest of his life.

Now that he met his nephew again, it seemed like his fate had changed.

Jiang Feng said, “Second Uncle, hurry up and take a seat.

Our home will be your home from now on.

You can choose any of the rooms there.”

Jiang Fengs second uncle nodded.

“Ill take a seat, Ill take a seat.”

Jiang Feng poured a glass of water for his second uncle and said in a friendly manner, “Second Uncle, why didnt you contact us for the past few years Is there anything I can help you with”

Jiang Fengs second uncle shook his head.

His eyes darkened as he said, “No.

I said previously that I was busy traveling for work.

After that, I made some money, but of course, its not as much as what you made, Little Feng.”

Jiang Fengs expression was calm, but he was worried inwardly.

He asked, “Is the company okay Second Uncle, what business do you do”

Jiang Feng did not want to be a competitor with his second uncle.

His second was very good to him and his family, after all.

However, if they were in the same industry, there was no way to avoid competition.

Jiang Fengs second uncle sighed.

There was no way to hide it anymore.

He said, “The company isnt there anymore.

My ability isnt good so it was best to give up on the company.

Im no longer in the real estate business.

I dont know whats situation is like anymore.

A lot of people looked for me before, but now that the glory is gone, everyone has left.

I wouldve had a lonely life if I didnt visit you and your family today.

In any case, Im still okay.

Im already old, and theres nothing much I can do.

Im already satisfied with the glory from my early years.

Now, I just want to spend my old age peacefully like your parents.”

“Its okay, Second Uncle.

With me around, you dont have to do anything.

I still remember that in the past, you used to buy me and Little Yu many things, and you also helped my family a lot.

You dont have children of your own.

So dont leave.

Were a family.

You can enjoy your life now,” Jiang Feng said.

Jiang Fengs second uncle was incredibly moved.

“Little Feng, Im really lucky to have a nephew like you.”

Following that, Jiang Fengs second uncle began to cough violently.

Everyone gathered around him anxiously.

“Second Uncle, whats wrong with you Do you have a cold”

Jiang Fengs second uncle removed his hand that was covering his mouth and was about to speak when his body trembled.

He saw the blood on his hand.

Jiang Jianzhong was shocked.

He said urgently, “Little Feng, call the doctor now!”

Jiang Feng was stopped by his second uncle.

His second uncle shook his head and said in a low voice, “Its nothing.

Its an old problem.

Im already old and wont be able to live much longer.

It doesnt matter.”

“How can that be Now that Little Feng has made money, how can you just leave!” Yu Xiumei said anxiously before she looked at Jiang Feng pleadingly.

Little Yu looked like she was about to cry as she said to Jiang Feng, “Brother, Second Uncle cant die! We just reunited with Second Uncle.

I still want to be with Second Uncle!”

Jiang Feng patted Little Yus head.

He let go of his second uncles hand before he went outside to call the doctor.

When he returned, he said reassuringly, “Second Uncle, Ill definitely save you! Little Yu, dont cry.

Second Uncle will live well!”

“Little Feng, Im fine.

All of you are too anxious,” Jiang Fengs second uncle said.

After regaining his composure, he took a bottle of pills out and took two pills.

When the doctor arrived and did a check-up, he frowned.

Jiang Jianzhong asked anxiously, “Doctor, how is it”

Yu Xiumei chimed in, “The cost doesnt matter as long as we can cure him!”

The doctor said solemnly, “He has some problems in the gastrointestinal tract that require long-term treatment.

You cant stress yourself out.

You have to rest well and pay attention to your diet.

You have to take care of what you eat for your intestinal tract.”

Jiang Feng nodded, sighing in relief.


Thank you, doctor.”

Fortunately, his Second Uncle did not suffer from any terminal disease.

Otherwise, no matter how much money he had, it would still be useless.

He really wanted to show filial piety to his second uncle so he definitely could lose his second uncle.

Jiang Jianzhong said worriedly, “Second Brother, you have to rest well.

Dont stress yourself out anymore.”

Yu Xiumei looked at her brother-in-law worriedly and chimed in, “You almost frightened me to death today.

You should stay in the room near ours so we can keep an eye on you if anything happens.”


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