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Jiang Feng smiled innocently and only said, “Slap.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Wens smile froze.

“Jiang Feng, are you joking”

Shen Wen thought Jiang Feng was really strange.

How could Jiang Feng take those words seriously If it were anyone else, they knew it was just a formality.

How could Jiang Feng be so shameless

“How can I joke about this” Jiang Feng asked.

He could not bother with pretending anymore as he said bluntly, “You owe me.

You should slap yourself.

Otherwise, how could the matter be justified My sister really needed that money back then.”

After thinking about it carefully, Shen Wen thought it was reasonable for Jiang Feng to act like this.

Hence, he quickly feigned an expression of remorse and lowered his head.

Then, he muttered, “I was in the wrong, but isnt Little Yu better now That means my mistake isnt too big, right Why are you being like that”

Jiang Feng retorted, “So what youre saying is that Im in the wrong for cornering you now”

“No, no.

I was wrong.

Its my fault.

However, weve been brothers for so many years.

Now, youre trying to humiliate me because of a mistake I made.

Ive already admitted my faults,” Shen Wen said seriously as he thought to himself anxiously,Why is Jiang Feng like this Everything should be forgiven and forgotten with this meal! Why is he going so far

Shen Wen had made a mistake in the company so he needed five million urgently now.

He could not let go of this opportunity.

Shen Wen said again, looking very understanding, “Jiang Feng, I definitely wont make the same mistake again! Were brothers, and we have a good relationship.

Why must we do this If we continue to harp on this matter, therell definitely be cracks in our relationship.”

Jiang Feng did not want to talk nonsense so he said bluntly, “Slap yourself then well talk about forgetting this matter.”

“This…” Shen Wen could not pretend anymore.

His expression was quite unsightly as he forced a smile and asked, “Jiang Feng, must you do this”

“Yes, theres no room for maneuver,” Jiang Feng said as he calmly picked up the teapot to pour himself a cup of tea.


‘Damn it! Shen Wen gritted his teeth indignantly.

However, when he thought about what he needed, he hardened his resolve and slapped himself.

The sound echoed in the room.

Jiang Feng saw the palm print of Shen Wens right cheek.

It looked like it was already swelling up.

He found the sight rather comical.

He could not help but laugh and said, “Shen Wen, youre really interesting.”

Despite the sharp pain on his cheek, Shen Wen smiled apologetically and said, “Now that its done, we can reconcile, right Jiang Feng, you have to keep your word.”

“What Its just one slap.

I clearly remember you said three slaps earlier,” Jiang Feng said as he looked at Shen Wen.

“Jiang Feng!” Shen Wen said in a low voice.

His voice clearly carried a hint of anger.

“Whats wrong Dont you want to reconcile” Jiang Feng asked nonchalantly as he gently picked up his cup.

‘I have to endure this for the five million! Its not too late to seek revenge later!



After two consecutive slaps, Shen Wens face was very swollen.

It hurt when he tried to smile, and he could not even speak properly.

He asked, “Are you satisfied now”

Jiang Feng stifled his laughter as he rose to his feet and said, “Forget it.

I suddenly changed my mind.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Wen rose to his feet and cursed, “F*ck! Jiang Feng, are you toying with me If I didnt know you were only pretending to be bankrupt, do you think Id look for you Do you really think youre so great If it werent for your small amount of money, who would care about you This is all youre worth!”

Shen Wen continued on his tirade.

“F*ck! Youre really asking for it! I must have been blind to come looking for you! Jiang Feng, just you wait! If I dont deal with you, my surname is not Shen!”

Jiang Feng sneered.

“I knew you were insincere.

I was wondering why youd look for me out of the blue.

As it turns out, you knew I was lying about being bankrupt.

Shen Wen, did you really think Id fall for your nonsense I remember your previous words clearly, and Ive long understood what kind of person you are.

You came looking for me for a favor, did you think Id be moved Save it! Im no longer the naive person from before! Youve changed, and I naturally have changed as well.” Then, before leaving, he added, “Remember to pay the bill.”

Jiang Feng blocked Shen Wens number as he left.

At the same time, Shen Wen shouted from behind, “Jiang Feng, come back!”

When Jiang Feng stepped outside of the restaurant, his phone began to ring.

It was an unfamiliar number.

After answering the call, before Jiang Feng could speak, a warm voice asked, “Little Feng, how have you been”

Jiang Feng was familiar with the voice.

It was one of his relatives, but he had forgotten the other partys name.

His expression darkened as he replied, “Im fine.

Why are you calling me”

“Of course, its because I miss you! I havent heard from you in so many days.

I wanted to visit your parents, but they werent around.

Where did your parents go How are Little Yus legs Have you paid the hospital fee I still have some money.”

Jiang Feng really wanted to laugh.

Suddenly, the other party cared about his sisters legs.

Previously, the other party had mocked him when he posted on WeChat, asking to borrow money.

‘Miss me Back then, you were so merciless, but now you said that you miss me How shameless!

Jiang Feng said in a glacial tone, “Theres no need for you to know about those things.

Get to the point.”

“Little Feng, dont say that.

I heard you didnt go bankrupt.

Im really happy for you.

Why didnt you tell me about it I was so worried.

I was so angry back then because I thought you made your parents suffer.

Dont take it to heart.

Were a family, after all.

We shouldnt be estranged…”

Jiang Feng did not show any mercy and ended the call without another word.

In just a moment, Jiang Fengs phone rang again.

It was another unfamiliar number.

He thought it was likely another one of his relatives again.

Those people were really realistic.

They knew he was not really bankrupt so they came looking for him again.

How ridiculous! When he was at the lowest point, it was fine if they wanted to distance themselves from him, but they had to mock him and scold him as well.

Now that they knew he was only lying about being bankrupt, they began to flatter him.

They really changed their faces very fast according to the situation.

Over the next few days, Jiang Feng was inundated by calls from his relatives.

His phone would not stop ringing, and he wished he could cut up his SIM card.

Those people really knew how to annoy him.

Fortunately, they did not know where his parents were staying now.

Otherwise, even if he had ten of his current villa, they would not even be able to accommodate all of his blood-sucking relatives.

He had to go to his parents old place in a few days.

If those relatives dared to make a scene in public, he would not hesitate to chase them away.


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