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Jiang Feng got up and stretched his limbs.

He thought about Pork Inc.; everything should be done by now.

It was time for him to go to the company to have a look.

When he arrived at Cinda Financial, many of the employees were already at their desks.

They heard that the company had earned a lot of money.

They were all discussing animatedly among themselves, and when they saw Jiang Feng, all of them greeted him enthusiastically.

“Good morning, President Jiang! Why are you here so early Dont you want to sleep in”

“President Jiang, the company is doing well.

Even if you didnt come, well still work diligently!”

“President Jiang, Im filled with energy now! Ill definitely work hard for the company!”

Jiang Feng felt slightly helpless faced with the commotion.

He only nodded with a smile on his face.

These people were too enthusiastic.

Those who did not know would think they were his relatives.

What happened

Seeing that Jiang Feng did not put on airs, the employees wished they could talk to him longer.

They were shocked and in awe.

He was truly god-like.

They had never seen 100 million in their lives, let alone a few hundred million.

Cinda Financial had never made so much money in the past.

If this continued, would the company become one of the top 800 companies They, as employees, would also be envied by employees of other companies.

When the time came, would their pay rise

Their boss even paid for their vacations.

If the company became bigger and stronger, how often would they be able to go on vacations

There were a few people who felt vexed as well.

If they knew a god-like person was among them, they would have treated him better in the past.

Perhaps, they would have been promoted now if they had foresight and treated him well previously.

Thinking about this, they felt really uncomfortable.

They had missed a golden opportunity to rise in rank.

If they had seized the opportunity back then, they would no longer have to worry about their future now.

“President Jiang, how did you earn so much money! Teach us a thing or two!” someone said.

Another person chimed in, “Thats right, thats right.

Quickly tell us.”

Someone brought a stool over and said with a smile, “President Jiang, please sit.”

“Hey, do all of you have a fever Why are all of you so enthusiastic” Jiang Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

One of the employees stared at Jiang Feng with stars in his eyes as he said, “President Jiang, I wont be able to earn so much money even if I can ascend to heaven! Youre really amazing.

I really, really admire you!”

Jiang Feng said modestly, “I really dont have any special methods.

I was just lucky.”

Jiang Feng could not tell them about the system, after all.

Even if he could, they would not believe him.

They would probably think he was mentally ill and send him to a mental hospital.

“President Jiang, dont be humble! We know! You must have been sent to the company by God! I heard that if it werent for you, our company would have gone bankrupt this time!” someone who knew a little said.

The admiration in everyones eyes grew stronger upon hearing this, making Jiang Feng feel embarrassed.

“President Jiang, so you are a hero! It seems like you knew everything, and yet we knew nothing!”

At this time, a female employee asked, “President Jiang, do you have a girlfriend Look at me.

Im an excellent cook, and Im good at taking care of people.

If you marry me, youll definitely be well taken care of!”

Jiang Feng replied politely, “Im sorry.

I have a girlfriend.”

“President Jiang, youre so handsome and talented.

Your girlfriend must be very outstanding as well, right President Jiang, I feel that with you in our company, our company will definitely have many contracts worth hundreds of millions or billions in the future.”

“President Jiang, youre simply too amazing! I was blind before and didnt treat you well! I hope youre not angry,” someone said.

“Its fine.

Its a small matter.

Its all in the past,” Jiang Feng said and shook his head.

He did not believe in the sincerity of those words.

He knew these people were like this because of what he had done for the company.

As long as the company was good to them, they would be good.

Moreover, he also did not care about the matter.

When he started working, he did not contribute a lot, and they were also competitors.

Hence, he did not blame them.

“President Jiang is really magnanimous.

Im really lucky.

Its my honor to work for President Jiang!”

“President Jiang, I really love you! Do you want another girlfriend Im willing to be a mistress too! I promise Ill keep it a secret from your girlfriend!”

Someone sighed.

“To think were about the same age.

I really envy President Jiang.

He rose so fast at such a young age, and were still struggling as low-level employees.”

Everyone sighed enviously.

Jiang Feng was so rich and powerful even though he was only in his twenties.

It seemed like something out of a novel about rich people.

Compared to him, they could only struggle at work, subjected to the unpredictable cold and warmth of the world.

They could never compare to geniuses like him.

“Everyone, work hard.

Ill raise everyones pay soon.

Ill work hard to lead the company so everyone will prosper as well!” Jiang Feng said encouragingly with a smile.

“President Jiang, I believe in you.

We earned so much from Pork Inc.


In the future, well definitely earn more! President Jiang, can you predict the future” an employee asked.

He wished he could speak more to Jiang Feng.

Perhaps, he might catch Jiang Fengs eye.

At that time, he might be promoted and get a raise.

If they had a better relationship, Jiang Feng might even tell him how to earn 100 million.

“Youre funny! Although I study a lot and have experience, Im not as god-like as you make me out to be.

This was all due to coincidence and good luck.

In the future, we might encounter difficulties,” Jiang Feng said, wanting to downplay everything.

Yesterday, he was busy, but today, he was surrounded and assaulted with a barrage of questions.

He shook his head inwardly, thinking that it was quite troublesome to be a president.

Some patted his chest and said, “Dont worry, President Jiang.

You have us to help you solve the problem! Although were not god-like, we can still be the followers of a god-like person!”

“Thats right! President Jiang, you earned so much for the company.

It only makes sense for us to work hard.

Well definitely follow in your footsteps!”

“Long live President Jiang! President Jiang is invincible! We all want to learn from President Jiang! President Jiang, youre our idol!”

The employees shouted enthusiastically one after another.

“Alright, alright, go back to work.

I still have matters to discuss with President Zhang.

Good luck, everyone.

Thanks for your hard work,” Jiang Feng said before he rose to his feet and left.


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