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Lin Miaoxue could not help but feel slightly frustrated and disappointed when Jiang Feng looked away, completely unaffected.

She could not help but wonder if it was because she was not attractive enough.

She paid a lot of attention to her figure and her skin, but he only glanced at her briefly before looking away.

“Drink some fruit juice.

Im not drinking any alcohol today since Im driving, but do you want to drink it” Jiang Feng asked with a smile, nudging the glass of fruit juice closer to her.

His gaze did not fall past her neck at all.

After all, it was basic decency.

The first glance was instinctive, but the second one would be rude.

“I dont drink alcohol.

Fruit juice is fine,” Lin Miaoxue said with a nod.

She took a sip of the fruit juice to ease her nervous heart.

The two chatted casually.

Jiang Feng was very calm the entire time.

After a while, the dishes were served.

Two Shanghai mitten crabs, grilled fish, and the other dishes Jiang Feng ordered were brought over one after another.

“Dip the crab meat into the sauce.

Its really good.

The sauce is homemade,” Jiang Feng said as he shelled the crab meat.

After dipping it into the sauce, he placed it on Lin Miaoxues plate.

“Thank you.”

“The fish is really delicious as well.

Have some.”

Lin Miaoxue nodded happily as she ate the food that Jiang Feng placed on her plate, listening to him talk about the food.

After a while, she searched for a topic to talk about.

She looked at him and asked, “Jiang Feng, I remember you used to like reading.

Do you still read”


Recently, Ive been reading books on finance and the economy.

Im hoping theyll help me develop the company.

Perhaps, theyll help me solve some of the problems the company is facing recently,” Jiang Feng replied immediately.

Lin Miaoxue felt quite uncomfortable seeing Jiang Feng still thinking of ways to help the company.

After all, she knew that in a few days, the company would be gone.

What was the point of thinking about the companys development when he would lose his job soon

They were having a good time now, and she did not want to spoil the mood.

Hence, she did not want to tell Jiang Feng about the matter yet.

She quickly changed the topic and asked, “Well, do you still watch anime You used to like watching them.”

“Not anymore.

At that time, I watched them as a way to relax so I wont get too stressed from studying,” Jiang Feng replied after thinking for a while.

“It seems like the person whos obsessed about One Piece is gone.”


Jiang Feng laughed heartily upon hearing her words.

“My youth is a thing of the past…”

However, after Jiang Fengs laughter subsided, he felt slightly melancholic and nostalgic.

In the past, he really liked watching anime.

They made him very happy, especially when he was stressed about his studies.

However, after he began to work, he had to submit to life and reality.

He had to work overtime every day.

Let alone watching anime, he did not even have time to eat at that time.

With that, the simple happiness from his youth gradually faded with time.

Jiang Feng sighed inwardly and shook his head slightly to dismiss his thoughts before he continued to eat.

Outwardly, he still maintained a smile on his face, looking sunny and handsome.

However, Lin Miaoxue caught the slight change in his expression.

She could see a hint of melancholy on his face early.

She was even more unconvinced that he was unhappy in his heart.

She thought that he was only putting on a cheerful act because they were together.

With these thoughts in mind, her urge to make him happy and comfort him grew even stronger.

Alas, she did not know what to say or do to make him feel better.

In the end, she could only find another topic.

While they were chatting, Lin Miaoxues heart was about to leap out of her chest.

When the moment was right, she suddenly feigned an expression of surprise and said, “Ah! Theres something on your face.”

Following that, she followed the instructions from the article.

She rose to her feet and leaned over, getting ready to wipe away the non-existent thing on Jiang Fengs face.

Due to her nervousness and closeness to him, her movements were slightly clumsy as she leaned forward.

As soon as she leaned forward, her bangs slid to the front, blocking her vision.

At the same time, her long ponytail slid to the front, and the ends fell into the sauce.

Lin Miaoxue was flustered and embarrassed.

She hurriedly reached out to remove her hair from the sauce.

Jiang Feng wore a strange expression on his face.

His gaze, which was originally trained on a certain place, shifted to the table.

Lin Miaoxue was extremely flustered and embarrassed, but she decided to soldier on.

She raised her hand again and wiped Jiang Fengs face.

At the same time, Jiang Feng looked up.

They were only about ten centimeters apart when their eyes met.

Lin Miaoxues face turned red immediately.

She quickly withdrew her hand and returned to her seat.

‘Youre an idiot! The instructions were written so clearly, but you still messed up! Lin Miaoxue scolded herself inwardly.

Her cheeks were still red.

In the end, not only did she fail to obtain the desired effect from Jiang Feng, but she even made a mess of herself.

To cover up her embarrassment, she was very focused on wiping the end of her hair.

Meanwhile, Jiang Feng felt that Lin Miaoxue was rather strange today.

Nonetheless, he felt warm when she wiped his face earlier.

Her clumsiness only added to her cuteness.

He was completely unaware that she was feeling a little dejected at this moment.

Lin Miaoxue, who failed miserably and embarrassed herself, began to question the article.

She suspected that it was nonsense and was purely written to deceive people like her.

Her head was still lowered as she wiped her hair when Jiang Feng, who was sitting across from her, suddenly rose to his feet and leaned over.

Then, he reached out and placed his hand on her forehead.

“Why is your face so red Do you have a fever” Jiang Feng murmured.

Lin Miaoxu looked up when she felt the warmth on her forehead.

She saw Jiang Fengs handsome face right in front of her, and their eyes met again.

This time, the distance between them was less than ten centimeters.

She could even count his eyelashes.

She froze, and his warm breath made her face turn even redder.

Even her neck was red.

Apart from that, her mind went blank, and her heart began to race.

At this time, Jiang Feng withdrew his hand and sat back down.

Lin Miaoxue still had yet to recover, looking like she was in a daze.

Her mind was still blank, and her heart was still racing.

After a while, she thought to herself,It, it seems like the technique really worked


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