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Everyone looked out the window at the luxury car downstairs.

Someone who recognized Jiang Fengs car exclaimed, “Thats the Pagani from yesterday, right Its the latest limited edition supercar! So cool!”

“Wow! Its really cool! Why did it come again today”

“Wait! Isnt that our team leader standing next to the car” someone said.

With this, the others finally noticed Lin Miaoxue.

Everyones attention shifted to her immediately.

Alas, they were in the building so they could not eavesdrop on the conversation.

“Its really the team leader!”

“Heavens! Is she dating that guy!” someone exclaimed excitedly after seeing the duo standing close together.

“This is huge news! Team Leader Lin is so innocent.

To think that shes fallen in love!”

The crowd was very excited and began to gossip among themselves.

They only moved away from the window after the car sped away.

However, their excitement did not diminish.

They returned to their seats and continued gossiping.

Yang Yiling, who had been curious since earlier, was naturally looking out the window as well earlier.

When she saw Jiang Fengs appearance and the luxury car, she was also slightly shocked.

After thinking about it, she thought it was only a matter of course.

After all, the man whom Lin Miaoxue liked had to be outstanding.

Not only was he handsome, but he was also wealthy.

When Yang Yiling sat in her seat and looked at Lin Miaoxues empty seat, she could not help but feel a little sour in her heart.

At the same time, the others were still gossiping fervently.

“Hes too handsome! He has an extraordinary bearing as well.”


He drives a luxury car, but hes also a gentleman.

He must treat Lin Miaoxue quite well.”

“Well, wealthy people have to get married as well.

As a single person, I feel like crying after witnessing this!”

“Lin Miaoxue is so beautiful.

Shes indeed worthy of such a man.”

“I wonder who he is.

I dont think Ive seen such a rich second generation in Shanghai…”

“What do we know about the inner circle of the wealthy We know nothing.”

Lin Miaoxue was mostly aloof so this fueled everyones desire to gossip even more.

Moreover, Lin Miaoxue and Jiang Feng were both good-looking.

Her background was quite good, and based on Jiang Fengs car, his background should be very good.

The two were simply a match made in heaven.

Needless to say, there were a few people who had different thoughts.

“Whats so great Isnt it just being a relationship Maybe theyll break up after a few days!”

“That man is so handsome! His car is worth tens of millions! If only I were Lin Miaoxue.”

“Who knows whats going on between them I think Lin Miaoxue is the one pursuing him…”

Those who were jealous naturally spoke ill of Lin Miaoxue behind her back.

A few other team leaders, who were competing with Lin Miaoxue, spoke rather unpleasantly about her.

All in all, there was a commotion in the office.

After all, the companys beauty was involved in the matter.

In just a short time, the matter of Lin Miaoxue dating an unknown man quickly stirred up a storm in the company.

Jiang Feng drove Lin Miaoxue to a nearby seafood restaurant.

Lin Miaoxue was not busy and did not have many things to do in the afternoon, and Jiang Feng also was not in a rush.

They could both take their time to enjoy the food.

Jiang Feng took the menu from the waiter and handed it to Lin Miaoxue, “What would you like to eat”

“Why dont you order Im not picky,” Lin Miaoxu said, waving her hand.

Jiang Feng looked at the menu.

There were all kinds of dishes and sets on the menu.

After a moment, he said, “Give me two of your biggest Chinese mitten crabs.”

After that Jiang Feng told Lin Miaoxue to speak if there was anything she did not like about the dishes he ordered.

She only nodded but did not say anything.

Instead, she looked at him silently.

“I want the raw tuna as well.

Oh, and the signature grilled fish,” Jiang Feng said as he flipped through the menu, ordering quite a few dishes.

Now that he had money, there was no need to save money when eating.

Moreover, with Lin Miaoxue around, what mattered was being happy.

“Sir, can you come with me to choose the live seafood” the waiter said after writing down Jiang Fengs order.

“Ill go and choose.

Youve been driving for so long so you should sit and rest,” Lin Miaoxue quickly said and rose to her feet.

Seeing that she had taken the initiative, Jiang Feng did not refuse and nodded.

With Jiang Fengs nod of assent, Lin Miaoxue followed the waiter to the back.

The waiter said, “Beauty, the crabs are here, and the fishes are over there.

Tell me which one you want.”

“Pick the biggest ones please and fish them out for me,” Lin Miaoxue replied, directly pushing the task to the waiter.

Then, she brought her phone out and discreetly opened the article from earlier that Liu Xinyao sent her.

This was not the first time the waiter met customers like Lin Miaoxue so he quickly picked the seafood for her.

Meanwhile, Lin Miaoxue stood at the side and continued reading the article about ways to flirt with men.


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