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As he looked at the interested executives, Luo Yuchang continued to speak.

“Zhang Qidong of Cinda Financial holds 100% of the companys shares.

Weve been watching him for a long time!

“Recently, Cinda has been continuously investing in Pork Inc.

and has even increased the leverage.

“Ive been setting him up by lending him money to buy shares and increase the leverage.

Now, the stock of Pork Inc.

has been plummeting for several days in a row!

“Zhang Qidong should be about to fall apart.

“Next, our goal is to eat this piece of fat meat thats right in front of our mouths.


“Ive already asked the project department to initiate the Cinda merger.

The other departments are also ready to start the merger at any time.”

As Luo Yuchang spoke, the corners of his mouth could not help forming a cold smile.

He loved doing things like this the most.

Instead of slowly investing to develop, it was better to dig holes and annex small businesses.

In order to accelerate the development of the company, he had already used his own resources more than once, as well as all kinds of methods.

In the beginning, everyone had still been somewhat prejudiced against this.

After all, it had an impact on the companys reputation.

But as the company went on to devour a few businesses, the rapid development of the company made these prejudices disappear.

The shareholders and management of the company could see that the company was growing stronger, and their pockets were gradually filled, so many people chose to join in.

This time, the major shareholders already knew all about the plan to sabotage Cinda.

This meeting was just held to make things clear to the management team and get them ready to work.

“Does anyone have anything to add”

After making things clear, Luo Yuchang looked at the crowd and spoke again.

The meeting room was silent, and no one spoke.

“Well, todays meeting ends here.

Meeting adjourned!”

As Luo Yuchang spoke, he threw the remote control on the table and strode out of the meeting room.

The other shareholders also stood up and left.

Then, the management team walked out of the meeting room and returned to the office area.

Lin Miaoxue also walked out with her laptop in her hands.

This was the first time she had seen the boss in a meeting.

She was quite moved, although it was a little unscrupulous of him to openly use his peers and annex other companies.

After returning to her seat, Lin Miaoxue had just sat down when the manager beside her took a seat too.

The manager, Yang Yiling, was Lin Miaoxues superior, but their relationship was not like the one between ordinary employees.

Instead, they were like close friends.

Even though they were a superior and a subordinate at work, they were really good friends in private.

Upon returning to her seat, Yang Yiling could not help coming over to complain to Lin Miaoxue.

“Old Man Luo is really bad.

Hes targeting a new company this time!

“I reckon that in a few days, this company will be in trouble.

Given his ruthless methods, they wont be able to avoid being targeted.

“Its just a pity that all the employees of that company are about to lose their jobs.


As Yang Yiling spoke, her tone was filled with disgust for Luo Yuchang.

She was extremely displeased with his despicable actions and his tendency to harm his peers for his own benefit.

Lin Miaoxue had just attended the meeting, so she naturally knew what she was talking about.

After all, she had not been working for this company for long, and this was also her first meeting.

She was even less familiar with Luo Yuchang.

She thought about it, but she did not say yes or no.

She only asked for the name of the company.

“Sister Ling, are you sure that the company you are targeting this time is Cinda Financial”

Yang Yiling looked at Lin Miaoxues concerned expression.

Then, she thought about her strange behavior in the past two days and blinked her eyes as she walked over.

“Why do you care about this Could your boyfriend be working there”

When she heard Yang Yilings question, Lin Miaoxue quickly said, “No, I just have an acquaintance who works there.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Yiling nodded in agreement.

“Its Cinda indeed.

This company has a good reputation in the industry.

The boss, Zhang Qidong, is an honest man who never scams people.

“However, an eagle like Luo Yuchang likes to target honest men like him.

I reckon that not only will the company be annexed, but its very likely that he will also die!

“Damn, entrepreneurs often jump off buildings in Shanghai.

We cant interfere with such a thing.


“But if you have a good relationship with that acquaintance, you can warn him to prepare for his next job so his future is not delayed.

“I also want to remind you not to say too much.

If you ruin Luo Yuchangs plan, you might be suspected of leaking confidential information and breaking the law!”

Upon hearing Yang Yilings reminder, Lin Miaoxue thought of Jiang Feng.

In the past, he would have been affected by working at Cinda Financial.

But now, Jiang Feng had so much money that losing his job wouldnt affect him at all.

“Okay, got it.”

Lin Miaoxue smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Alright, lets get to work.

Otherwise, if those old guys see us chatting, theyll definitely give us a good scolding.”

Seeing Lin Miaoxue nod, Yang Yiling shifted her chair to turn on her computer and started working.

Lin Miaoxue only smiled and did not say anything else.

While working here, she had long gotten used to hearing Yang Yiling criticize the company leader.

She had started working there recently, so she felt a little uneasy in her heart.

She sat in her seat and hesitated for a while.

Then, Lin Miaoxue took out her phone and opened the interface to send a message to her best friend, Liu Xinyao.

“I have a friend who likes someone who might be working there.

How can she comfort him”

A few seconds after she sent the message, Liu Xinyao replied.

“You are making up a friend to fool me

“Are you talking about Jiang Feng Is he going to lose his job”

“Isnt that right Whats there to comfort him about Pounce on him!”


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