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Zhang Qidong was anxious and restless.

After thinking for a long time, he turned around and walked over to Jiang Feng.

“Director Jiang! I studied the investment into pork carefully before I proceeded.

I analyzed every K-line chart and the recent wind gap in the market very carefully!

“I even spent a few days to completely confirm that the price of the pork would definitely rise.

Only then did I take all of the companys assets and risk everything!

“But in just a few days, reality slapped me hard.

There is no market for pork at all!

“According to this downward trend, the 12-yuan mark will not stop there.

Only the 11-yuan support mark could slow down a little.

“Although I still feel that my analysis is correct, the facts are right here.

“I reckon that many people want to take this opportunity, but they have all miscalculated.

We have all been deceived!

“Everyone has neglected the country at the top.

That country will not sit idly by.

So this time, our country must not allow the price of pork to rise, which is why this situation has occurred!

“And if you invest 100 million now, Im afraid we wont be able to survive this day!” Zhang Qidong said with an extremely excited expression.


He wanted to do his best to persuade Jiang Feng.

Even if this 100 million had nothing to do with him, he did not want to see Jiang Fengs money go down the drain just like that.

His eyes were full of sincerity, and he hoped that Jiang Feng would stop in time.

He knew that Old Song hadnt completed the operation yet, so there was still time.

Jiang Feng could still pull back from the precipice and save the 100 million.

Jiang Feng, on the other hand, was calmly drinking his tea as he listened to Zhang Qidong finish his words in one breath.

Then, he looked at him unhurriedly.

“Dont worry, trust me!”

Jiang Feng smiled as he spoke, and the confidence in his tone made Zhang Qidong feel quite puzzled.

He had already made the pros and cons very clear.

Why did Jiang Feng still not understand Looking at Jiang Feng, Zhang Qidong knew that he could not persuade him.

He could only sigh and shut his mouth.

“Log in to your company account.

I want to check it!” Jiang Feng glanced at the computer as he spoke to Zhang Qidong.

Zhang Qidong did not hesitate and went ahead at once.

He skillfully entered the password and logged in to the company account.

Everything was displayed in front of Jiang Feng, but he didnt even look at anything else.

He just tapped into the pork investment directly.

As he looked at all the information, Jiang Feng nodded with satisfaction.

Song Yaozhong had already invested all the money according to his request and increased the leverage ten times.

When he opened the chart and looked at the exact movements on it, Jiang Fengs heart settled down.

Then, he looked at Zhang Qidong, who was walking around the office in a panic.

Jiang Feng smiled and said, “Dont be nervous.

Im fine.

Sit down and check the news!”

Jiang Fengs casual words carried a hint of mystery.

The sensitive Zhang Qidong immediately noticed it.

He stopped and sat on the sofa, looking at Jiang Feng with a puzzled expression.

Although he didnt know what Jiang Fengs words meant, he felt that he must have done something.

Upon seeing how calm and confident he was even after investing 100 million yuan, he started to have some doubts in his heart.

Could he really have guessed correctly

This idea was rejected by Zhang Qidong as soon as it appeared in his mind.

However, considering that he had won the national soccer team bet despite the low probability, his heart felt uncertain again.

Zhang Qidong sat on the sofa doubtfully, took out his phone, and opened it to check the daily headlines.

His heart was full of frustration, but he actually was not in the mood to refresh the news.

He had opened the site to do so, but as he was scrolling through the news, a piece of news suddenly popped up and caught his attention!

“Breaking news! China has decided to suspend the import of pork!” Upon seeing this piece of news, Zhang Qidong clicked on it without any hesitation.

A second later, the entire article appeared in front of him.

“On November 25, 2121, Chinas trade administration decided to stop many trade operations, including the import of raw pork…”


As he read the message, Zhang Qidongs eyes widened and he was completely stunned! He had been working in finance for so many years, so he was extremely sensitive to such information.

After reading the message, he instantly understood! He knew that, apart from state control, the price of pork was also affected by frozen meat and imported meat.

But now that the country had stopped importing low-price pork, there would be even shorter supply.

Once this news came out, the price of pork was bound to start soaring! But he had never thought of this.

He had never expected that the country would suddenly stop importing pork!


Zhang Qidong was shocked.

Truly shocked! He raised his head to look at Jiang Feng, his eyes filled with astonishment.

Jiang Feng had invested 100 million yuan in pork just now, and he had even increased his leverage to the maximum.

What kind of terrifying development would follow He could not even imagine! Zhang Qidong stared at Jiang Feng for more than half a minute before he came back to his senses.

He stood up from the sofa with a crash, his entire body trembling from excitement.

He was completely convinced.

He was totally in awe of Jiang Feng! He couldnt imagine how Jiang Feng had predicted this news, nor could he imagine how Jiang Feng had calculated it all.

He only needed one million to cover his bases, and it would be enough to support their future rise.

He couldnt imagine where Jiang Feng had gotten the courage to gamble with 100 million either.


“Who is his family

“How terrifying are they They can even predict the decisions of the government!

“How did he know I was going to die today

“How powerful is his family”

Zhang Qidong blamed it all on the family behind Jiang Feng.

Other than that, he didnt know how to explain Jiang Fengs monstrous ability.

He stood rooted to the ground, his mind filled with all kinds of questions.

As he looked at Jiang Feng, his eyes almost dropped out of their sockets.

Jiang Feng sat beside the computer, completely ignoring Zhang Qidongs abnormal behavior.

He had already predicted that he would react like that.

While he looked at the computer, the price of pork in front of him had already started to rise.

The markets movements were much faster than the news.

At that moment, the price of pork had already started to soar.

At the bottom of the chart, red lines rose one after another, and the profit figures of the companys accounts kept soaring by tens of thousands too!


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