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After a few days, Jiang Feng still had not come up with a way to solve his financial problems.

Fortunately, Luo Yuchang had yet to make a move so there was still time.

At this time, Jiang Feng received a call from Jiang Jianzhong.

He said, “Little Feng, your second aunt and cousin are at the train station.

Quickly accompany your second uncle to pick them up.”


Jiang Feng called for a car.

After picking his second uncle up, they went to the train station.

The train station was bustling.

Jiang Fengs second uncle was also knocked to the ground by the stream of people.

Jiang Feng quickly caught his second uncle.

Jiang Fengs second uncle looked around.

When he did not see his wife and daughter, he brought his phone out as he muttered, “There are too many people.

I wonder where they are.”

After dialing his wifes number, just as he placed his phone against his ear, Jiang Fengs second aunt saw him.

She waved and called out, “Over here!”

Jiang Shi jumped and waved as well.

She did not behave like a teenager, but more like a child.

Her eyes lit up when she saw Jiang Feng, who was standing next to her father.

She thought her cousin was rather handsome.

Seeing that her cousin had such a big house, she thought his ability must not be bad as well.

In short, he was young and promising.

She thought that he must have a lot of fangirls and wondered how she could make money from them.

Jiang Shi and her mother had quite a lot of luggage with them.Seeing this, Jiang Feng helped them with it.

Jiang Fengs second aunt quickly stopped him, worried he would be tired.

She said, “Youre Little Feng, right Dont worry.

Well carry the luggage ourselves.”

“Second Aunt, dont be so polite.

The car is just outside so the walk isnt long,” Jiang Feng said.

He ignored his second aunts refusal and took the luggage from her.

“Little Feng, youre really sensible.

My daughter is really insensible.

She brought so many useless things and added to our burden,” Jiang Fengs second aunt said as she looked at Jiang Shi with a hint of reproach.

Jiang Shi wore an indignant expression on her face as she grumbled, “What do you mean by useless things Mom, you dont understand me at all.

Isnt it normal for girls to have a lot of things I have uses for all of them.”

“What useful things do you have Arent they just cosmetics that take up space You have too many things.

Lets see how youre going to arrange them later,” Jiang Fengs second aunt said, showing signs of bickering with Jiang Shi as she glared at Jiang Shi.

“Second Aunt, dont worry.

The house is big.

Little Shi will have space to keep her things,” Jiang Feng said.

“Cousin, youre the best! Im your fangirl from now on!” Jiang Shi said as she cleverly held Jiang Fengs arm before making a face at her mother.

“This child!” Jiang Fengs second aunt looked at her daughter helplessly as she said, “Little Feng, she might cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

Shes really not obedient.”

“No, Im very obedient!” Jiang Shi said as she winked at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng was amused.

“Dont worry, Second Aunt.

Ill look after Little Shi.”

“Look, Cousin said dontworry,” Jiang Shi said to her parents.

Then, she said bitterly to Jiang Feng, “Cousin, wheres the car I still have to do my homework when we get back.”

Then, Jiang Shis eyes lit up as she continued to say, “However, Ill be going to school in the city, right I cant wait.

I can go out and play as well!”

“Youre quite smart.

Yes, youll be going to school in the city,” Jiang Feng said with a nod as he led the trio to the car.

The designated driver placed the luggage in the trunk of the car while Jiang Feng gestured to the family of three to get into the car.

Jiang Shi looked around and exclaimed inwardly,Wow! Cousin even has a chauffeur!

After Jiang Feng got into the passengers seat, Jiang Shi hurriedly asked, “Cousin, where did you get your money You even have a chauffeur and a big house.

I really admire you!”

“I dont have a chauffeur.

I called for a car to pick you up.

As for the house, I was just lucky,” Jiang Feng replied with a faint smile.

“This kind of luck is too heaven-defying! Cousin, if you need help, you can talk to me.

Although Im just a high school student, my life experience is not bad!” Jiang Shi said, promoting herself.

Her eyes shone with eagerness as she looked at Jiang Feng.

“Alright, alright, if I need anything, Ill look for you,” Jiang Feng said with a smile.

He thought that his cousin was quite interesting.

“How much money can you earn doing your stupid live stream every day I dont see you offering to help your father,” Jiang Fengs second aunt said sarcastically.

Then, she said with a helpless expression, “Little Feng, your cousin only thinks about nonsense every day.

Fortunately, shes first in her grade.

Otherwise, Id be angered to death.”

Jiang Fengs second uncles expression turned solemn as he said, “Its almost time for you to prepare for your college entrance exams.

Little Shi, you should stop doing those live broadcasts.”

“Dad, dont you trust me Ill definitely pass the exams! Even if I spend my time playing, Id still get first place!” Jiang Shi said casually as she shrugged, “I wonder if those who study day and night are tired.

They should also allocate time to play like me! Isnt that good”

Jiang Feng did not say anything and only listened quietly.

Perhaps, after Jiang Shi graduated from university, he would let her work in the company.

With that, he could take care of her.

Moreover, she seemed quite smart.

With this, his second uncle and second aunt would not need to worry and can enjoy their old age peacefully.

Jiang Fengs second aunt sighed and asked, “Little Feng, how are your parents I havent seen them in a long time.

Your second uncle was very busy, after all.”

“Theyre doing well.

My father is still plagued with his old illness, but its curable and not life-threatening.

Ive also found a doctor to treat Second Uncle.

Dont worry,” Jiang Feng replied with a smile.

“Ive heard about it from your second uncle.

I really feel at ease with you around.

However, I really feel sorry about troubling you with this matter.

Little Feng, dont spend too much money on us.

Youre not only running your company, but you also have to start a family of your own in the future.

You have to save your money,” Jiang Fengs second aunt said with a sigh, “If only your two cousins are as capable as you, Id be content for the rest of my life.”

“Little Shi and Chengyuan are very good.

They have a bright future ahead of them,” Jiang Feng said.

Jiang Shi patted her chest and chimed in, “Mom, Dad, dont worry.

I wont rely on my brother and cousin in the future! Ill rely on my own ability to get a good job that I like!”

“You Id be happy as long as you dont cause trouble for us.” Jiang Fengs second aunt said before pursing her lips.

However, she was inwardly happy.

Although Jiang Shi seemed carefree, she was still very filial to her parents.

Although she had grown up, she did not forget her parents.

Jiang Fengs second aunt thought to herself,Perhaps, Ill be able to enjoy her filial piety like Little Fengs parents.

Jiang Shi laughed and said, “Mom, trust me! When Im successful in the future, you can just enjoy your life!”

“Alright, alright.

Youre still young now so you should focus on your studies first,” Jiang Fengs second uncle said happily.

He did not expect his daughter to be so ambitious.

His daughter would definitely be outstanding in the future.

“Just wait and see! In a few years, youll see the results!” Jiang Shi said arrogantly.

At this time, the car turned into a street.

Jiang Shis eyes darkened immediately as she said through gritted teeth, “If it were for this wretched place, Dad wouldnt have fallen ill again, and the company wouldnt have fallen to such a state! I really hate this place!”

Jiang Shi really wished she could destroy this place.

If she did not have such a cousin like Jiang Feng, her family would still be in a difficult situation.


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