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Jiang Feng was a little confused when he heard the systems voice.

Buy a company What kind of mission was this! Although this company wasnt big, if he wanted to buy it, he would need at least a billion dollars! The amount of money needed was indeed a lot, and right now, he only had limited money in his hands.

How could he buy it

The systems options confused Jiang Feng, who had no idea what kind of unprecedented crisis the company had encountered.

There wasnt even any news of it.

But since the system had said so, this definitely could be done.

Suppressing his thoughts, Jiang Feng immediately chose the second option.

Then, he stood up and walked to the presidents office.

His colleagues, who had gotten to work, were all very curious when they saw Jiang Fengs baffling actions.

“Whats wrong with this kid now”

“It looks like hes going to the bosss office.

Is there something wrong with him”

“Hes acting beyond his authority.

Hes just asking to be scolded!”

“This newbie really has no common sense.

Serves him right.

Who cares”

Many people whispered behind Jiang Fengs back, but Jiang Feng ignored the strange gazes of these ants and quickly walked toward the presidents office with large strides.

Bang, bang, bang! When he reached the door, Jiang Feng knocked politely first.

After all, he was there to discuss business this time.

He didnt have a grudge against the boss, so he had to treat him with respect.

Meanwhile, in the office, Zhang Qidong, who had been about to jump off the building, was interrupted by Jiang Fengs knock on the door.

Upon hearing the knock on the door, Zhang Qidong sighed and retracted his leg.

Thinking of the nearly 100 employees of the company, he felt a little sorry.

After all, once he was gone, they wouldnt get a single cent of their wages.

The entire company had gone bankrupt, and many of the old employees in the company might face the plight of unemployment.

Shaking his head, Zhang Qidong turned around and sat back in the bosss chair.

At the same time, he took out his phone and turned on Douyin, checking the live broadcast of the national football match.

He pretended to watch the match and let the person who had knocked in.

Jiang Feng did not hesitate.

He opened the door and walked straight in.

Zhang Qidong looked up and saw that the person who had come in was not the manager, but a new employee.

He said perfunctorily, “What do you want”

Jiang Feng looked at Zhang Qidong, who was in a bad state.

Then, he sat on the couch opposite him and said indifferently, “Im here to buy the company!”

He was not a slow-witted person, so he directly started the purpose of his visit.

Meanwhile, Zhang Qidong, who was sitting in the bosss chair, was still looking at his phone.

The match was about to end, and he did not want to talk to this insignificant employee.

Jiang Feng was very young, so even though the company had gone bankrupt, he could still find a job easily.

“Good job!

“What a pity!”

Zhang Qidong was still clenching his fists and pretending to watch the game seriously.

He shook his head as if he was really annoyed.

“This game is too bad!” As he was pretending, though, his mind suddenly reacted.

“Huh What What did you say” He suddenly looked up from the phone and looked at Jiang Feng with a puzzled face.

Buy the company He wondered if he had misheard him just now.

“I want to buy your company!” Jiang Feng, who was sitting on the sofa, looked at Zhang Qidong calmly and repeated himself.

As soon as he said this, the doubt on Zhang Qidongs face became even stronger.

This time, he had heard him clearly.

However, he immediately laughed and stared at Jiang Feng as he asked, “You!”

A young employee had said this to him Even if he wanted to sell the company at a low price now, no one would take over.

Given the investment he had made, he couldnt possibly even have 100 million.

He thought Jiang Feng had heard something and knew he was about to go bankrupt.

But even so, he didnt think Jiang Feng could buy the company.

“Yes, me!” Jiang Feng said calmly in the face of Zhang Qidongs doubts.

“You On what basis” Zhang Qidong asked again with a smile, shaking his head.

At that moment, the phone in his hand suddenly began ringing loudly.

The sound was actually the explosion of the audience of the live broadcast.

The match had ended, and the national football team had lost, so the crowd was roaring.

Zhang Qidong subconsciously lowered his head to take a look.

When he saw the 1:5 score above, Zhang Qidong was dumbfounded.

The day before the match, he had bet on the national football teams victory, so he had not expected this result.

“F*ck! That really stinks!” Zhang Qidong threw the phone on the table, feeling inexplicably annoyed.

“Why is everything going so f*cking bad!”

Upon seeing Zhang Qidongs moody look, Jiang Feng knew that his heart was in turmoil.

He also knew that the system was right.

The company had encountered a crisis! Otherwise, Zhang Qidong, who was such a steady person, would not currently be so fickle.

He had also heard about the situation on the phone.

“On what basis Based on what you are listening to now!” The corner of his mouth formed a trace of a smile as he calmly answered Zhang Qidongs question.

But when he heard Jiang Fengs words, Zhang Qidongs face was filled with impatience.

He felt that Jiang Feng was baffled, so he waved his hand repeatedly and said, “Quick, get out and get to work!”

Seeing Zhang Qidongs expression, Jiang Feng stood up.

He took his own lottery ticket out of his pocket and slapped it in front of his eyes.

Jiang Fengs action made Zhang Qidong feel curious.

He glanced at Jiang Feng and then looked down at his lottery ticket.

“National football team vs.

Syria—1:5 (100 odds)”

As he checked the score, Zhang Qidong looked a little surprised.

Then, his eyes moved down.

“Bet: one million dollars!” When he saw this, he still didnt think much of it.

He just raised his head and looked at Jiang Feng.



He was about to tell Jiang Feng to get lost, when he forcefully swallowed his words.

At the same time, his pupils widened, and he was suddenly stunned.

His face was now full of disbelief.



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