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The elevator opened on the 25th floor and Jiang Feng walked out, walking toward the company offices, just like he had two days ago.

But as soon as he walked in, a sharp voice was heard.

“Jiang Feng, stop!

“Its already 8:15.

Why are you so late”

As the voice was heard, a thin man with a sharp mouth and monkey-like cheeks walked over.

He stood in front of Jiang Feng, preventing him from moving forward.

At the same time, his voice attracted the attention of other employees of the company.

Blocked by the guy in front of him, Jiang Feng stopped and looked at him coldly.

“Whats wrong Is there a problem”

“Yo, youre pretty good! Why are you asking me whats wrong Dont you know that youre late”

The mean man looked at Jiang Feng and pointed at his chest as he spoke in a strange tone.

His voice was deliberately loud, causing more colleagues to shoot him sidelong glances.

The managers behind them did not stop him.

Instead, a hint of mockery appeared in their eyes as they watched the scene with relish.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Feng knew that this kid was about to start acting up again.

As the companys attendance supervisor, he often made things difficult for new employees.

Every new employee of the company would be automatically targeted by him.

Regardless of whether you did the right thing or not, as long as he didnt like you, he would find all kinds of excuses to make things difficult for you.

His disgusting methods could definitely ruin someones entire day, and it seemed that he was about to make a move on Jiang Feng today.

At first, he didnt want to talk to him, but the kid actually stopped him.

“The company opens at 8:30.

Who said that I was late” Jiang Feng didnt hold back at all.

As soon as he spoke, his words aroused the interest of the other people present.

Many peoples faces formed a big smile as they kept watching the show.

“Jiang Feng, you know that the company has an early meeting at eight oclock in the morning, yet youre late.

Arent you

“Its fine if youre late, but you cannot scold people.

How dare you insult your colleagues!

“Im too lazy to argue with a piece of trash like you.

Ill write all these violations down.

Just wait till your money is deducted! Hmph!”

The mean man snorted coldly, using the pen in his hand to write everything down on a piece of paper.

“Jiang Feng, apologize to Xiao Li.

Otherwise, your 6,000-yuan salary might not be able to withstand the deduction!”

“Thats right.

Compared to money, your dignity is nothing.

Dont forget that you still have to make money to support your family!”

At that moment, two male colleagues spoke with a smile.

It sounded like they were putting in a good word for him, but their tone was full of mockery for Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng glanced at the two of them, then pushed the mean man away and strode inside again.

“What are you showing off for Even a pauper can put up an act!” The mean man scolded him from behind.

However, Jiang Feng ignored all of this.

He didnt even want to pay attention to this kind of trash.

Any more words from him would only make him vomit.

The two people who had mocked Jiang Feng before now had a hint of pride on their faces, as if bullying a rookie was something worth showing off about.

“I really couldnt tell that this kid actually lost 10 million just because of his cowardice.

Its really unbelievable.”


“Hehe, he squandered the demolition money that his family had just received overnight.

What a prodigal son!”

“Now that hes living in Shanghai, how is he going to survive on a 6,000-yuan salary a month Im afraid hes going to starve to death.


“Hes usually very frugal.

I didnt expect him to squander his familys assets so quickly.


“Hes already so poor, yet he still dares talk back to Xiao Li.

He wont have it easy from now on.

Hes such an idiot.”

As Jiang Feng walked past, whispers continued to ring out.

The news of Jiang Feng losing all his familys assets on Bitcoin had already spread throughout the company.

They had only heard of this, and some people had not even seen his WeChat Moments before believing the rumors spread by others.

Jiang Feng couldnt hear the sarcastic remarks people made behind his back, but he could guess what they said.

He had known all along that they loved working tirelessly every day and gossiping.

But did it even matter He was about to leave this place.

These people would probably never meet him again in their lives, so he didnt bother to explain.

“Jiang Feng, how have you been eating in the past few days You seem a little malnourished!”

“I heard that your Bitcoin investment failed.

Can you share your financial management experience with us We can use it as a warning! Hahahaha…”

“I didnt know that you knew how to trade.

Jiang Feng, you are so amazing.

Quick, tell us about it.

We are all ears!”

As Jiang Feng passed by, a few of the most experienced employees looked at him and mocked him with a smile.

Each of them spoke in a strange manner, making many people around them laugh.

Despite their mockery, Jiang Feng didnt stop at all and just walked straight inside.

He felt sorry for these clowns.

Soon, he reached his own office area.

“Hey, newcomer, you dont have any common sense, do you Cant you see that my cup is empty Go get me a cup of coffee.”

“While youre at it, get a stack of A4 paper and fill that printer.

Also, dont forget to type this information out!”

The grumpy voices of two old company men could be heard.

These two people were famous for bullying new employees.

However, they were old and their performance was good, so no one paid them any mind.

As soon as they saw Jiang Feng, they directly gave him orders without any courtesy.

However, Jiang Feng didnt say a word.

When he passed by, he just glanced at the two of them coldly.

He didnt care about these clowns at all.

At that moment, the team leader slapped the document in his hand on the table.

Then, he looked at Jiang Feng and said rudely, “Fix it and bring it back at once.

I want the correct contract in two hours!”

As the team leader ordered him, Jiang Feng looked indifferent and said coldly, “Find someone from the Information Department to do this.

Its their job.”

Changing the contract was not his job, not to mention that he was there to resign, not to work.

Therefore, he did not even look at it before he walked directly to his desk.

This also made the two old employees, who were about to lose their temper, restrain themselves.

They were both shrewd people, so upon seeing that Jiang Feng had even dared to talk back to their team leader, the two of them directly gave up on the idea of bullying him.

The team leader was immediately angered by Jiang Fengs casual reply.

However, in the blink of an eye, he saw manager Zhu Hongdas signal, so he could only suppress his anger.

Then, he glared at Jiang Feng from several meters away, venting a little.

Zhu Hongda, who had been watching from the shadows, narrowed his eyes at that moment.

So many people in the company had provoked Jiang Feng to see where he would draw the line.

Well, the kid could take it.

However, Zhu Hongda still held a grudge and began to think of a plan to deal with him.

While sitting in his seat, Jiang Feng looked indifferent.

The taunts and remarks he had just heard had not caught his attention at all, let alone hurt him.

He really didnt care.

Sitting at his desk, Jiang Feng turned on the companys computer, created a new Word file, and got ready to write his resignation letter.


Suddenly, the ethereal systems voice spoke in his mind.

[Ding! A special event has occurred.

The Divine-Grade Choice System has been activated.]

[Choice 1: Write your resignation letter and leave the company.]

[Reward: This months salary will be doubled!]

[Option 2: The company has encountered an unprecedented crisis.

It urgently needs people to take over, so go look for the boss and purchase the company.]

[Reward: Pork Inc.

will begin to thrive in a week!]


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