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As usual, at seven oclock in the morning, Jiang Feng opened his sleepy eyes.

Just as he picked up the phone, which was next to his pillow, he heard a ding-dong.

Jiang Feng smiled and looked at his phone.

“Good Morning.” Lin Miaoxue had sent him a message.

As he looked at it, Jiang Fengs heart warmed.

This was the first time in a long time that Jiang Feng had someone say good morning to him.

Yu Jia had never had such a habit.

“Good morning,” Jiang Feng typed on the keyboard in reply.

Then, he received another message.



“Eat a proper breakfast.

You didnt like breakfast in college, but you should have some now.”

As he looked at the steaming coffee she had sent him, her words warmed Jiang Fengs heart even more.

He could feel the warmth in Lin Miaoxues heart too.

She was a very considerate person, and she only looked cold on the outside.

Speaking of the fact that he didnt often eat breakfast in college, he remembered that Lin Miaoxue had sent him bread more than once.

She was cold to others, but she had always shown vague concern for him.

This made Jiang Feng even more certain of his previous guess.

Could she have liked him in university

Jiang Feng scratched his head, feeling a little puzzled.

He couldnt figure out what had been good about him at the time.

Other than being a good student, he felt that he really didnt use to have any good qualities.

After having a conversation with her, he became even more curious.

He still liked her very much.

After all, Lin Miaoxue was really extraordinary.

But Jiang Feng wasnt sure if she felt the same way.

Scratching his head, he typed on the keyboard a reply.

“I owe you 30,000 yuan.

How about I pick you up from work today and pay you back by treating you to another meal”

A few seconds after the message was sent, Jiang Feng thought that he had been a little vague.

Maybe his words had been a little excessive.

After all, the two of them had just met yesterday, and in the blink of an eye, they had gotten off work to have a meal.

It seemed a little too fast, so Jiang Feng calmed himself down and thought for a moment.

Then, he quickly reached out to withdraw the message.

At that moment, Lin Miaoxue sent another message.

The message included a simple word: “Okay!”

“Then Ill be waiting for you!”

As he looked at this message, Jiang Feng was a little stunned.

Could she be more anxious than him It seemed as if she was so anxious that she couldnt wait for him to come over.

In just a few seconds, before Jiang Feng could reply, Lin Miaoxue had sent another message.

“Theres no need to… hurry.

Its still early.”

Jiang Feng smiled when he saw the message she had hurriedly added.

At the same time, in the Kerry Financial Company on the 23rd floor of the Quantum Building, Lin Miaoxue was holding her phone in one hand and a coffee in the other, with a silly smile on her face.

The surrounding employees looked at Lin Miaoxue strangely.

“You spilled your coffee!” a male colleague sitting next to Lin Miaoxue told her with a puzzled look on his face.

Lin Miaoxue instantly came back to her senses.

Unknowingly, she had spilled the coffee in her hand.

She hadnt even noticed that it had splashed her high heels and her snow-white ankles.

When she came back to her senses and took a look at the coffee, Lin Miaoxue quickly put away her phone.

As soon as she saw the strange gazes of her colleagues, her fair face could not help blushing.

“Why are you blushing” the colleague beside her could not help but ask with an even more confused look on his face.

This stunned Lin Miaoxue, who quickly reached out to touch her ears and felt that they were already burning up.

“Am I”

Turning around, she calmly said, “Dont talk nonsense!”

However, her blushing face had already attracted the attention of many people.

Even though she had been working in the company for more than half a year, no one had ever seen Lin Miaoxue like this.

Many male colleagues were mesmerized by her shy appearance.

“How could such a beautiful person exist in this world”

“Shes too adorable.

Im just a woman, but I like her so much.”

“Shes even more beautiful than when she is cold and aloof.

Shes just too beautiful.”

“Shes so beautiful that it makes ones hair stand on end.

Shes even prettier than usual today!”

Many people were secretly praising Lin Miaoxue as they stood beside her.

Everyone in the company was captivated by Lin Miaoxues beauty.

As she listened to the whispers around her, Lin Miaoxue quickly walked to her seat with the cup of coffee in her hand under the gazes of every company employee.

As she took a seat, she looked at the black screen of her phone.

Then, she turned to her subordinate and asked in a low voice, “Do I look good today”

When the girl next to her heard this, she instantly turned her head around.

She carefully glanced at Lin Miaoxue and said in surprise, “You look good.

Sister Xueer, you look good no matter how much you dress up.”


This made Lin Miaoxue even happier.

After all, all girls liked being praised.

Meanwhile, a subordinate beside her looked at Lin Miaoxues appearance, feeling filled with curiosity.

He then went ahead and asked, “Team leader, are you in a relationship Why are you smiling so sweetly”

As soon as this subordinate finished speaking, everyone in the company looked over.

Countless mens gazes were focused on Lin Miaoxue, and when she heard this, her face turned even redder.

However, her expression immediately turned cold.

She then shook her head and looked at her subordinate with a straight face.

“Dont talk nonsense!”

“You guys talk too much.

Lets get this meeting over with!”

After saying that, she hurriedly picked up the folder, covered her face, and left.

She walked quickly to the meeting room under the lonely eyes of the sighing company men.


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